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June Pelo
11-08-07, 21:32
A new member wishes to post the following query. Hopefully someone can find some information for him. I found this website that mentions Erik Slottman:


I am seeking the parents of Christina Florina, who died in Rautalampi in 1697. Her burial record said she was the wife of Föräre Slottman (that would be Jesper Slottman, who in 1702 married in Rautalampi, secondly, Ebba Norringia; he became a Fältväbel in the Swedish Army, and I think he perished at the siege of Viborg in 1710). Christina's burial record is unusual in that it gives some mention of her family; she is said to have a sister, Carin, wife of Matz Mulander, plus 2 other sisters ("2 andra s˙s."). She & Jesper appear to have had one son, Eric Jespersson Slottman, died in Kauhava in 1771 ae. 80 years old.

Many thanks,
Larry Haapanen