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12-08-07, 15:14
Swedish or Finnish? I was looking in the Christening records of Saltvik parish in Aland 13.5.1727 of Dn Landtman

12-08-07, 18:29
After taking a look at Google I found that Sacellan is the same as Kapellan, Chapellan, Chaplain. It is an old Swedish word, not used anymore.


12-08-07, 22:19
Chuck is right about to the meaning of the word. It comes from Latin sacellum, shrine, so sacellanus means "a keeper of a shrine". The title must have lingered on a couple of hundred years after the reformation, long after the worship of relics kept in shrines was abandoned. In the 18th century a sacellan was, in protestant countries, synonymous with chaplain.


13-08-07, 15:27
Thanks for info. My ancestor' name was Ida Sachlen and her father was I believe a minister. I wondered if this could have been changed from Sacellan. Also, we have a 1911 postcard from Aland from Ida L: nen. What do the colons mean and why did they abbreviate like that. What do you think the name was in its entirety? Thanks- Lorraine

13-08-07, 16:15

Your theory is interesting! I really don't know, but you have a point with your question.

Here in Pedersöre we have also families with the name Sacklen, but their name come from a farm named "Sack" in Lövö.

The abbreviation L:nen indicate that she had a long familyname (for exampel Lehtinen, Lahtinen, Linkonen, Laasanen) and made it shorter that way.


15-08-07, 02:11
the googlemap seems to be always busy.

16-08-07, 07:40
Pedersöre is "surrounding" Jakobstad in the west coast of Finland appr. 100 km north of Vasa and 40 south of Karleby (Kokkola)

I noticed that you are from Maine. I am at the moment searching for information about some families in New Sweden, Maine.

June Pelo
16-08-07, 16:29
Here is a good map showing Jakobstad/Pedersöre.


16-08-07, 22:07
In the Files section of this forum you will find a chart that tells how the medieval grand parish of Pedersöre was divided into smaller parishes over time and a map that shows where these parishes are.


18-08-07, 03:21
Thank you Sune, Chuck and June for info. I wasn't able to get online because the computer had to go to the doctor. I wonder if my Sachlen is from that area.(Pedesore) As for New Sweden, I always wanted to go to their midsummers celebration.Do you think you have relatives their, Chuck? I wonder how to get into the forum file if it has't been used for 30 days?

18-08-07, 10:18
Hello again!

The parish you first were talking about (Saltvik - Åland) is in a different part of Finland, the southwest archipelage around the Åland-islands. Pedersöre is ab. 500 km north of that, so I do not think your Sachlen is from this "Sack" farm of Pedersöre.

I know that I have relatives in New Sweden. One of them was visiting Finland around 1982, but we have lost contact with them. Probably this man is dead today. I have some information in my database and would like to get in contact with them again.

Christian Dahlin

June Pelo
18-08-07, 18:19
Yes, you can search Finlander files. In the toolbar at the top of this screen, click on Search and put in what you're looking for.


19-08-07, 01:37
The postcard from 1911 was from an Ida L:nen from Saltvik. So I don't know who that is. But, Ida(Eva) Lovisa Sacklen(Sachlen) was married in Lammi in village of Kivismaki, Terranova farm in 1865, then moved to Porkkola.(gard) Is that a military outpost? Lammi is probably not near Pedesore either, I suppose. Christian, would you like me to see if I can look up your relatives names in New Sweden?- Lorraine

19-08-07, 18:34

Porkkala is just west of Helsinki and after WW II the Soviet Union held this area nearly 10 years and the area was closed for that time. The area was very strategic to "keep an eye" on Helsinki and to keep Finland under sight. It was later given back to Finland.

Before WW II Porkkala was just a normal part of Finland and so it is today.


So about my lost relatives:

I know that Reinhold Anselm Anderson died in New Sweden, Aroostook, Maine in July 1972. His wife was Vivian E. Anderson and she died in Caribou, ME 19 May 1983. They had two sons:

- Albert R. Anderson, b. ab. 1928 in Maine. This man visited Finland in 1982 and was single (divorced?) at that time. He has not been found in any death certificate in Maine. It is a chance he moved to Caribou where his mother died in 1983. I have had an adress to a person Albert Anderson in Caribou but my letter was returned as "Unknown".

-Walter Anderson, b. after 1930 in Maine, New Sweden. He later married Lois Anne Smith of Woodland, USA (I have a newspaper article showing their marriage). He was a farmer in Woodland. I have also got an adress to a Walter Anderson on Station Road, New Sweden, ME but my letter to this person also came back as "unknown".

I have no information about possible children of Walter and Lois.

The first person, Reinhold Anderson had also two more brothers:

-Arthur Leander Anderson, b. 21 May 1900 and
-Ragnar Anderson, b. ab. 1918

I have no information about their possible families.

We have also some pictures from these relatives from 1900 - 1940 and I have been able to verify their identities.

Thankful for any help