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June Pelo
14-08-07, 01:16
I have a request for help finding information about the following:

Maria Silja Koukkari, b. 19 Dec 1898, daughter of Johan and Lovisa Aho Koukkari. There was also a daughter Eliina. It is believed the family came from Lappajärvi. Any information concerning this family would be appreciated.


b hietala
19-08-07, 01:43
June, I've been waiting to see if someone will respond to this post because I have some Koukkari connections in my family. My great grandfather, Thomas Thomasson Balkki (Balcki) was married to Brita Caisa Adamsdr. Keranen and family records also record the name Koukkari with her. This I don't quite understand. He was born in Tornava and she in Rantsila (1848). Lappajarvi is roughly in a direct line between the two communities and not far from Tornava. Brita also had a sister, Maria Koukkari, born 1855 also in Rantsila. If the person you are researching for has more information regarding this, I would be interested in learning more. Perhaps there is a connection hidden somewhere. Bruce

Karen Norwillo
19-08-07, 16:11
It would seem Koukkari name is found many places in Finland, Lappajärvi, Rantsila and Oulu. I did find Koukkari and Aho farms in Lappajärvi on Hiski, but records only go to 1850. Nothing for your years on LDS site for Maria.I did find this record on the Digital Archives.

19-08-07, 17:42

I have a person from Kurikka and he is from the Koukkari (or Kuukari) family. Later he changed his name to Niemi and moved to Jakobstad.


June Pelo
19-08-07, 18:56
Thanks Christian, Bruce and Karen. I'll send the info. on to Janet. She said that she had posted a query on another genealogy website and someone in Finland found her family and will send the info. to her.

Thanks for your help.