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Karen Norwillo
14-08-07, 14:51
Did Finland ever have a country-wide census in the 1880-1890 era as in Sweden and the US? I know the records were kept in the churches, but did they do a national census?

14-08-07, 16:47

Yes, we had "henkikirja" every year. They are partly digitalized in the site of the National Archieves.





Karen Norwillo
14-08-07, 23:40
Thank you so much. I found the family of Karl Hermansson Hjerppe in Singsby in 1880. Can you tell me what the headings at the top of the sheets say in English? I found them on image 1062 under Vaasan lääni 1880-1880 (Va:121.) I typed in Korsholm under "search" and it led the way. 1880 is as far as they go for Korsholm. I used the second site you gave. Karen

20-08-07, 18:03

I could try, if I need to. But I cannot either English or Swedish too well, so I think somebody else coud make the translation from Swedish bether.

Maybe you coud copy a picture or send a link of the page you are interested.


Kaj Granlund
04-09-07, 19:56
Can try. But I actually do not know all the words either
Name of village
Number of the farm
The “mantal” (size = value) of the farm
Parts in use
- mantal (size) (below different types of tax)
o tax
o Crown
o free

- reason / ground ( the tax)
o rubel (Russian currency)
o kopec

- forest tax
o mark (finnish currency)
o penny

“chimneys” (an old way of estimating the value of the house/farm)
- free (no tax)
- Payer
o Farmhands etc.
o Farm

The name of the farms, part of farms and the people. The latter with year of birth and if no tax the reason why they didn’t have to pay tax.

Tax payed
- Men
- Women
Tax not here
- Over- or underaged or other reason
- Living in Russia with passport
- Men
- Women
Persons earning their living through public service, pension, capital, farming or other independent and continuing income, wife and children

Persons earning their living in the service of others, wife and children

Non Lutherans
- greek (orthodox)
- other Christians
- non Christians

Gerningsören (? Might be a tax according to their sallary)
Men over the age of 21 that can serve in the army

Karen Norwillo
04-09-07, 21:40
Thank you so much, Kaj. You did an awesome job. Much appreciated. Karen