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15-08-07, 18:07
Jag söker information om Ragnar Alexander Einarsson Store
född 8 Sept. 1901, död 15 Feb. 1948. Han var gift med Dagmar Adele Storbjörk från Kronoby.
På vissa ställen står det att han var född i Amerika och dog i Finland och på andra ställen står det tvärtom. Jag är en aning förvirrad. Finns det någon som
har det rätta svaret och vet något om Ragnar Store och vilka hans föräldrar var?
Varma Hälsningar från

June Pelo
15-08-07, 18:57
According to Talko, Börje Westö shows that Ragnar was born in America, but Hasse Nygård and the Cronoby Database show he was born in Karleby. I have Ragnar in my database, but don't know where he was born. In the book "Lars Friis i Karleby och hans ättlingar", page 187:

Anna Irene Mattsdotter Björk, 1877-1937, gm Einar Alexander Alexandersson Store, b. 8.3.1879, Linnusperä i hans första gifte. Irene och Einar Store emigrerade till America och vistades där åtskilliga är. Efter hemkomsten därifrån byggde de en gård vid Karlebygatan här. Ragnar d. 15 2 1948 i America. Ragnar Store emigrerade till America, varest han trodde sig få bättre utkomstmöjligheter än i hemlandet. Att så icke blev fallet för honom, fick både han själv och hans familj här hemma erfara.

Ragnar had 3 children, but there's no indication where they were born.


16-08-07, 16:27
Hi June,
I found this passenger record on Ancestry. It appears this Ragnar Store was born in Oregon.


New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Name: Ragnar Alexandier Stero
Arrival Date: 17 Jan 1927
Estimated birth year: 1901
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Gothenburg, Sweden
Ship Name: Stockholm
Search Ship Database: View the Stockholm in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Nativity: Oregon
Line: 12
Microfilm Serial: T715
Microfilm Roll: T715_3993
Birth Location: Oregon
Birth Location Other: marsfield
Page Number: 219

Source Citation: Year: 1927; Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_3993; Line: 12; .

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

16-08-07, 16:37
I believe this is Ragnar Store's 1930 Census record.


1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Ragnar Store
Home in 1930: Manhattan, New York, New York
Age: 32
Estimated birth year: abt 1898
Birthplace: Oregon
Relation to Head of House: Lodger
Race: White


Military Service:

Rent/home value:

Age at first marriage:

Parents' birthplace: View image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Anna Gustafson 43
Robert Gustafson 4
Erland Anderson 29
Carl Anderson 27
Olof Edler 27
Edwin Larson 26
Ragnar Store 32
Ruth Johnson 28

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Manhattan, New York, New York; Roll: 1573; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 910; Image: 471.0.

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. 1930 United States Federal Census

June Pelo
16-08-07, 17:54
Thanks, Denise. I found a marriage record for his parents: 5 Mar 1900 in Karleby. Records indicate his parents lived in America for a while and returned to Karleby. So perhaps they lived in Oregon where Ragnar was born on 8 Sep 1901. Evidently his parents returned to Finland after his birth. Ragnar married in Finland in 1921 and then emigrated in 1927. My records show he died 15 Feb 1948 in the US. If he was living in New York in 1930, I wonder why his wife's name doesn't appear among the lodgers - she died in 1970.


Karen Norwillo
16-08-07, 21:46
That 1930 census for a Ragnar Store in Manhattan says he's single. He's 32 which would have approx DOB as 1898.

June Pelo
16-08-07, 21:56

I wonder if there were two people named Ragnar Store. Several people in Finland gave me his birthdate as 8 Sep 1901. I don't have access to Karleby births for 1901. It would seem very unusual to have two men named Ragnar Store, born a few years apart. I'll have to try to find out more.


17-08-07, 06:00
Hi June,
I also found this record on Ragnar Store.
I believe the census record is also him that I sent previously, there aren't too many Ragnar Store's, especially both born in Oregon with a destination of N.Y where that census was from. Censuses aren't always reliable. :rolleyes:

Best Regards,

Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951
Name: Ragnar Alexand Store
Birth Year: abt 1902
Gender: Man (Male)
Place of Origin: Amerika
Destination: New York
Record Date: 5 jan 1927
Port of Departure: Göteborg
Database Name: EmiHamn
Archive Call Number: 119:39:95629B
Principal Person: Store Ragnar Alexand

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: EMIGRANTEN POPULÄR 2006 is a coproduction between Emigrantregistret in Karlstad and Göteborgs-Emigranten in Göteborg.
This collection contains various Swedish emigration records from 1783-1951. Information that may be listed in thesen records includes: name, age or birth date, birthplace, gender, occupatoin, residence or place of origin, emigration date, destination, and port of departure.

17-08-07, 10:52
Thanks June and Denise
My aunt is married to K. Hellsten and Ragnar was his mothers father. He wanted to find out more about his family and Ragnar was a bit of mystery.
I'm grateful for all the information.

June Pelo
17-08-07, 20:12

Ragnar's paternal family name was Beltar-Brandt in the 1600s. If you need more information about Ragnar's parents, I have data on them back into the 1600s.


17-08-07, 21:14
Send me what you have. I will pass it on to Kjell Hellsten.

June Pelo
21-08-07, 18:22
I just received an explanation from Finland about Ragnar Store and the info. Karin Norwillo found about him living in New York as "unmarried".

Ragnar was born in Oregon on 8 Sept. 1901 and returned with his parents to Finland in 1907. His family stayed at Savela in Karleby. On 3 Oct 1921 he married Dagmar Storbjörk and emigrated to Canada on 31 Dec.1926 (alone). His wife and children went to live in Kronoby. Ragnar died in New York on 15 Febr. 1948. The fact that he was living alone in New York may account for his being "unmarried". Dagmar Store died on 29 July 1970 in Kronoby.