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15-08-07, 23:27
Hej--I am making an inquiry about Dorothy Röj. As an author, she has written several books. Her last name "Röj" interests me very much. My Fathers last name was "Röj" before he came to the U.S. and then was changed to "Roy." He was born in Malax, Finland and had many relatives there and still does.
I am curious to know if there is any connection between the last names.
I know Dorothy Röj was born in Canada of Finnish emigrants who later moved back to Finland. I don't know if Dorothy moved back to Finland with her parents. I know she lived in Sweden for 10 years and is now a resident of Töjby in Österbotten.
Is there anyone in this wide world who would happen to know of her? Tack så mycket ooch ha en bra tag!!!!

Ingemar Ekman
16-08-07, 18:56
Extract from the CD Emibas
Röj, Johan, Arrendator (gift man, married man) born june 1853 in Malax Finland
emigrated 16/6 1903 from Fogelvik, Haverö, Västernorrlands län (Medelpad), Sweden to North America. Source SVAR; Husförhörslängd, vol. Haverö Alla:1A, page 77; Emigrated together with wife and son
Andersdotter, Karolina Dorotea Arrendatorshustru, wife, born 1855 in Revsund, Jämtlands län Sweden
Röj, Olof Leander, Arrendatorsson, son
born 29 Jan 1892 in Haverö, Västernorrlands län (Medelpad) Sweden.

On the CDs of Swedish population 1970 and 1980 I found 4 more Röj born 1920 to 1959 and can send them separate as private email if you want.

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