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Karen Norwillo
22-08-07, 23:14
Simon Eric Johansson Tölix or Thölix was born 19 Aug 1820 to Johan Johansson Tölix and Maria Andersdotter in Tölby. Am confused regarding who this man married. I have Ulrika Johan-Eriksdotter Gök, born 5 Nov 1819 in Vikby. On Talko it says Ulrica Jonasdotter Påfs, born 6 Mar 1819 in Tölby. Hiski has Ulrica Jonasdotter Påfs married to Elias Israelsson on 16 Jun 1839 in Tölby.
Maria Simonsdotter Tölix, born 14 Dec 1844 in Tölby, was the mother of my great-uncle's wife, Ulrika Karlsdotter Hjerpe.
Can anyone clear up my confusion?
Thanks, Karen Norwillo

23-08-07, 20:11
HI again Karen
I checked the churchbook today about Simon Eric Johansson Tölix and the right wife is Ulrika Johan Eriksdotter Göök from Vikby. They married in 1843,the certificate number is 32.i will check that later too, run out of time today.Info is from churchbook 1841-1849, page 740, Tölix farm in Tölby.
Simon Eric Johansson died 30 April 1853 and Ulrika Johan Eriksdotter died 28 July 1896 in Tölby.In churchbook 1864-1870 page788 Ulrika lives with children:
1 Simon Erik b.2 Sept 1843 changed surname to Häggström m.to Anna Lisa Andersdotter Kronman b.9 Dec 1853,married 25 March 1874
2 Maria Sofia b.14 Dec 1844 married to page 542 2.Sept 1869 ( Hjerpe Singsby)
3 Ulrika b. 20.Feb 1846 married to Gustaf Adolf Ericsson Forth from Tölby
4 Carolina b.21.feb 1848, had 3 children out of wedlock ,one died
5 Wilhelmina b.18 may 1850 moved to Solf

Ulrica Jonasdotter Påfs b 6 mar 1819 in Tölby was really married to Elias Israelsson b.16 Sept 1810 in Tölby. They lived at Påfs farm wich is the neighbour farm of Tölix farm.Info from churchbook 1841-1849 page 743, Påfs farm in Tölby.
So its probably made some mistake in Talko, HISKi is right.


Karen Norwillo
24-08-07, 16:19
Thank you again, Christer. I really appreciate all the help you've given me. Especially the church book sources. Karen

25-08-07, 13:54
Hi Karen,
Are you interested in more information about the Tölix family?

The youngest daughter of Simon and Ulrika
Wilhelmina Simonsdotter Tölix, born May 15, 1850 in Tölby, married Johan Jern in Sundom (1852-1918) and died April 15, 1916 in Sundom.
They had seven children, four died young, unmarried.
-Their son Frans (1879-1909) emigrated to Australia, died there and the family came back to Sundom, two daughters born in Australia: on died in Canada and one died in Sweden.
-Their son Karl Hugo (1884-1906) was a seaman, got drowned at s/s Vylgia's foundering on Jan. 1, 1906.
-Their daughter Sofia (1890-1914) married Nestor Thölix in Canada, and they were onboard the "Empress of Ireland" destined to Finland when the ship sank at the St. Lawrence river. 1106 people drowned, one of the was Sofia - although she was known as a very good swimmer. Her husband Nestor - who could not swim - was rescued and lived the rest of his life in Sundom together with Sofia's sister. Nestor's mother was Carolina Simonsdotter Thölix, born Feb. 21, 1848!

Karen Norwillo
25-08-07, 15:49
Thank you for the information. I'm abit confused about some of it. Were not Wilhelmina and Carolina sisters? If so, how could Nestor marry Sofia, wouldn't they be first cousins? Or was that permitted back then? Karen

25-08-07, 16:05
Hi Karen
Just a little note about cousin marriage.In my family tree i have two lines that first cousins married.Dont know if it was permitted, it just happened and i think cousin marriage was not very unusual at that time and thats one reason why most of the people in Ostrobotnia are related to each other.

Karen Norwillo
25-08-07, 16:25
I found a 10 Aug 1911 arrival in the port of Boston for Nestor Tholix and Sofia Jern. On SS Arabic from Liverpool. Both going to friend Sofia Sundqvist in Ironwood, Michigan. Nestor says was in Ironwood previously 1906-1911. Nearest relative listed for him, aunt Ulla Fort in Tolby, Mustasaari and for her, father Johan Jern in Sundomby, Solf. Both are single. They must have gone from MI to Canada to marry. I don't believe it was permitted in the US for first cousins to marry.

Karen Norwillo
25-08-07, 20:01
I found the 1906 arrival for Nestor. Again arriving Boston from Liverpool 20 Oct 1906, again on the Arabia. Going to friend Erik Bergendahl in Ironwood, MI.
I also found him on the 1910 census in Ironwood, Gogebic, MI. Living in boarding home of Sophie E Sundquist, 45, widow, her daughters, Sophie E 13, Anna 11 and son William J 7. Boarders are Matt Lax 33, married, Gust Danielson 22, single, August Berg, 48, widow, daughter Esther 14, Charles Sundquist, 49, widow, John Mattson, 43, widow and Ed Johnson, 33, single. All born Finland, men all iron miners. Thought this might be of interest to anyone else with Tölix ties.
Can someone tell me what type of ship the Vylgia was and where it foundered?