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26-08-07, 22:55
What is gist of this article."Nimiartikkelit" (www.genealogia.fi/nimet/nimi81s.htm (http://www.genealogia.fi/nimet/nimi81s.htm)) Name changes by soldiers, why did thy change them and did they change after the war for protection. On page 7 in paragraph starting with Suomalaisuus on etc. halfway down it says Suo(e.Lans) Was the name Lans from Suo? and on page 8 it says Warjo(e. Lans). On page 17 Mauritz Mathias Warjo ("har tillforren hetat Helander och sedan Lans") what does that mean?. On page 23-"Loysin Turun pataljoonan entisia sotamiehia seuraavat: Maariasta ent. aliupseeri Mauritz Lans(stamiehena kaytti nimea Warjo)etc. What does that mena? Thank you.- Lorraine