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30-08-07, 03:42
I am in search of information related to my Finnish father's travels from departure Finland to his arrival in North America.
My father, Johan Emil GREN, was born in Morskom, Finland 14 Feb 1885. His parents were Karl Wilhelm GREN and Maria Josefina ALBINUSDOTTER (or POUTINEN).
I have been fortunate to receive some feedback including the most generous assistance of Matti Kujala, who defined a host of background detail, as well as Stafan Storteir and Jouni Korkiasaari. The latter were able to identify my father's departure on 13th Oct 1910 from Hamburg, Germany to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he the joined the "Colonia Finlandesa" and a subsequent passage from Southampton to New york on 4 Mar 1914.
Therefore, it appears that he made the trip in four stages and what I now seek is to fill in the missing passages:

A) The first of which is how and when did he travel from Helsinki to Hamburg? I have a copy of his passport that was issued on 29 Sep 1910 in Helsingfors and is further stamped by Polisinrattningen.....8-X-1910.....Helsingfors. Thus, he had to have journeyed from Helsinki to Hamburg between the 8th and 13th Oct 1910. I assume that the immigration controls prevalent at that time would have required records of departure and I wonder if someone would know where and what that data might be.
B) His 4 Mar 1914 trip from Southampton to New York, I believe, was preceded by an ocean voyage to England from Argentina where he would have left the "Colonia Finlandesa" in Missiones and I wish to identify that trip. Again, I wonder, whether Finnish records would exist of the comings and goings of Finnish members of the "Colonia". Queries to the embassies of Canada, Argentina, and Finland have all been without results and immigration authorities in Argentina have been non-responsive.

I hope that someone can provide some guidance. Many thanks for all/any help that may be forthcoming.

Jim GREEN in Nova Scotia, Canada