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01-09-07, 12:44
Hi again!

Could anyone find the adress/e-mail to some of the following persons:

* Robert William Roseveare (b. 1934-Madison,Wisconsin)
ma: Majure Nita
The family perhaps living in Decatur, Georgia

* David Arthur Roseveare (b. 1938)
ma: Rose Carolyn Brannan
The family perhaps living in Hartsville,South Carolina

* Ronald Newman Roseveare
ma: Sally Ross Sampson

* Thomas John Newman (b. 1951)
ma: Christine Yvonne Sears
The family perhaps living in Alameda,California

* Joan Renie DeVore (b. 1942)
ma: Robert Dragge
Probably living in California

Christian Dahlin

01-09-07, 19:43
Hi Christian,
I private messaged you the info. on all the people you're looking for.