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chris carstairs
03-09-07, 09:46
Hello my name is Chris Carstairs-Prott. I live in Australia. I am a 57 year old male.
Prott, is my family name and it is German. My wife is a Carstairs and we joined names. My German ancestors moved here in the 1850's
I found an item on this site, Interesting Ancestor regarding a Kreeta Prott. She lived about the year 1650 in Peresore and was in her 50's when sentenced to death as a witch in 1678.
There is no record of the sentence being carried out as at that time the Church stop beheading and burning witches.
I am very interested in finding out if there is any further information about Kretta Prott.
Was she German ? Was Prott her maiden name or was she Prott by marrige ?
Are there any other Prott's still living in the region.
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03-09-07, 10:50

And welcome to this site!

I noticed the name "Peresore" and was wondering could it be "Pedersöre"?

Pedersöre is a place in the western coast of Finland, ab. 100 km north of Vasa.

The name "Kreeta" could be the finnish version of the swedish name "Greta".

I have no suggestion of the name "Prott" at this moment. I found one Prott on Talko Genealogy showing Elias Prott from German (Mecklenburg).

Christian Dahlin

June Pelo
03-09-07, 20:18

You read about the witch Kreeta Prott from Pedersöre in an article I posted about some of my ancestors. The information came to me from a genealogist in Finland who died a few years ago, so I do not know his source of information. It was in conection with one of my Dunkar/Warg ancestors in Karleby.

I searched HisKi for the name Prott, but it didn't show up.