View Full Version : kreeta prott, thanks to June Pelo for replying, and Christian Dahkin.

chris carstairs
04-09-07, 11:15
Thank you both for your replies.
Yes, Christian it was Pedersore to which I was referring.
I was hoping to find out more about Kreeta.
June it's good to know Kreeta means "Greta" because this I can relate to
I hope Kretta was a beautiful as Greta Garbo, well may be when she was young. It is hard to see "Greta Garbo" looks on a witch is it not?
I wonder where she had lived, on a farm maybe or in a village. Also, how she died and what became of her remains, if she did not die in prison.
It is sad to think she may have not been given a proper service or grave.
How silly people were to have treated a old woman, alone and maybe a little scared, who to survive tried to make others think she had some devilish powers.
I do not think she would be happy to hear me say older woman!

I pray she rests in peace.

Chris Carstairs-Prott
Traralgon, Victoria

June Pelo
04-09-07, 19:26

If someone had access to court records for that time period, there might be something about her there. I know that court records are available for research, but don't know how to access them.