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June Pelo
04-09-07, 20:22
The Washington Post reports that scientists have determined the order of virtually every letter of DNA code in an individual. By providing a detailed look at maternal and paternal DNA strands, the work offers the clearest snapshot of just how different those two contributions can be. There are five times as many differences between individuals' DNA as was previously thought.... Not emphasized in the 2001 Human Genome Project was the fact that people have in their cells two versions of each of those 23 chromosomes, one from each parent - a "diploid" genome. Scientists are finding the that the difference between healthy and being sick has a lot to do with how those genomes interact.

The article is too long to reproduce here, but goes on to say: "I wouldn't be surprised if Internet-based browsers pop up before long that allow you to compare your genome to others." - per Stephen Scherer, who took part in this project as written in the journal PLoS Biology.