View Full Version : Use this research form to help us

10-09-07, 04:12
The link to the research form (http://www.augustana.edu/x14914.xml)

Just print it out at home and put your info into it and use it as your guide.
Yes you say to yourself, you know the information but ppl here do not so you can save us a lot of trouble.

I recall an answer posted by an experienced person here and the reply was "yes, I knew that....."


20-08-09, 21:22

as can be seen, the thing is being rebuilt, again...so maybe an email to Jill Seaholm will get the url ?

it's a nice form that allows you to indicate what info you desire or else searchers here run into a reply such as "I already knew thing' etc
good luck;)

22-11-09, 05:54