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03-09-03, 17:15
I am happy to be the first "thread" for the Åland Forum on this marvelous, professional, and thorough newly developed SFHS "Finlander" website. Greetings from the Åland Society of New York (est. 1915). Our first meeting of the new fall season is Sept. 12 -- will be sure to make everyone aware of "The Finlander!" Med vänlig hälsningar --

03-09-03, 17:35
You might mention that this forum physically is in a server in Mariehamn - om ni är lokalpatrioter...;)

22-09-03, 18:19
A squeeze back to you, and one from Suzanne Österlund. She has suggested that I contact you re: the latest exhibit I'm working on for FinnFest 2004 in Florida. The topic is "Swedish Finns You Should Know About": people who have contributed something a little extra to culture : Linus Thorvalds, Dolby, etc.

Your father Walter Eriksson was a very important contributor to our culture. Would you please help assemble information and photos for a panel on your father? I have twelve 2'X2' panels in the exhibit. I would especially like a few color pics on each panel. A brief bio, including the village of origin in Finland, and perhaps ggrandparentage, expanding on his career would be included. Pictures of the family home on Åland, a club midsommarfest at which he played or Julfest or??? I "set" the text on Publisher. If we had a batterydriven CD player, we could play some of his works??

Well, as you see, I am more than a little excited by this prospect. Hope to hear from you.
Syrene Forsman

Rodney K. Hasting
27-02-08, 21:12
Hello Finlanders;
I am Rodney Hasting, a member of this forum, and still trying to find lost family members. The person I truely seek, is Anders Nyberg's, his father and mother, and his siblings. He was born in 1796, in Lapptrask, Finland. I have recieved information from the parish there, and they have nothing on him.

I will send an attachment, giving his info. is hopes someone could find something about lost relitives. I already have his wife and children, but almost nothing about his parents and siblings. Can the info be found? I can search, but I don;t know where?

My email address: devillant*netzero.net
Please overlook the devillant part in my address, it is a title to a book.

Thank You
Rodney Hasting

I can't get the attachment to work:
Anders Nyberg
Born 1796
Place Lapptrask, Finland
Died Aug. 22, 1854
Place Skarpans, Aland, Finland
Married July 11, 1847
Place Saltvik, Ahvenanmaa, Aland, Finland
Wife Anna Stina Ericsdotter