View Full Version : Karelia for sale in 1991

June Pelo
12-09-07, 22:12
Norden newspaper, Aug 2007, has an article that states:

At the end of 1991, the Russian President Boris Yeltsin's government gave several informal signals that they were prepared to give Karelia back to Finland, according to Kainuum Sanomat. Russia also had indicated that they would give Kurilerna (?) back to Japan - it was occupied during World War II.

The newspaper wrote that in 1991-92 a secret group of President Mauno Koivisto inquired about the cost of getting Karelia returned to Finland. The amount was 64 million marks. In the long run, the cost of rebuilding would have been 350 million marks. Koivisto thought the price was too high.

In his memoirs, Koivisto wrote that during KSSE top meetings in July 1992, he informed Yeltsin that Finland could not afford to buy Karelia.