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13-09-07, 01:01
I am at a brickwall right now on only one branch of the family tree...

I'm hoping that someone can provide me with traction regarding the relatives of Tekla Lehtimäki of Soukainen, Laitila. Her 1907 passenger record appears to show that her birthplace is Soukainen and Hiski indicates that this village is in the parish of Laitila. She married Nils Henrik Henriksson (Nels Henry Hendrickson) of Hirvijärvi, Övertorneå, Norrbotten, Sweden in Negaunee, Michigan.

The US census records suggest that she was born in 1887 or 1888. I cannot find any record of her on the Institute of Migration and her birthdate is too recent for Hiski. Of course there are other Lehtimäkis heading to the Negaunee/Ishpeming area. I can only find one Tekla in the Institute of Migration system but the 1900 passport date does not match her immigration date of 1907.

If anyone can help me out regarding her siblings and/or parents, I would be very grateful.


16-09-07, 04:16
As Karen originally suggested, the records indicate that Tekla was probably from Siikainen. The Hiski records show that the neighboring parishes also had several Lehtimäkis as well.

Other Siikainen Lehtimäkis immigrating to the Negaunee/Ispheming have records showing the father's name as Frans. I'm hoping that someone can help me connect the US records to the Siikainen Hiski records that end approximately 1850 - I just need a link.

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Karen Norwillo
16-09-07, 16:24
I found the family on the 1930 census, grossly misspelled. Thought you might like this. Also found probable death records of two of the sons. Albert Hendrickson 24 Jan 1916-15 Jun 2003 Negaunee, Marquette, MI.
Emil N Hendrickson 9 Feb 1914-1 May 1999 Marquette, Marquette, MI.
I know this doesn't help with the Finland quest, just thought you might like. Karen

16-09-07, 16:49

Here is the link to the Finnish National Archives' images of the Henkikirjat (tax census register) for the Parish of Siikainen. It lists only the names of the those individuals of tax-paying age and younger children are just numbers.
I noticed there is the Lehti #1 house located in the village of Leppijärvi. The name Lehtimäki is listed in that household. But the name maybe found in other villages in the Siikainen Parish.

Sikkainen/Siikais Parish Henkikirjat {tax census register}
Years: 1845-1880

Hope this helps!

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John Kotila

16-09-07, 21:29
More direct link to the material collection can be found here (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/dosearch.ka?sartun=230014.KA)

17-09-07, 03:25
Thanks for making me aware of the system you mentioned. The National Archives section will be doubly helpful because another UP Finnish branch of my family tree immigrated from Sikkainen.

Over the last week, I got the hang of the Hiski system so I was able to fill in vast areas of the family tree. Much faster than Genline because of the handy search engine. I've spent hundreds of hours flipping pages of Swedish parish records so I am especially grateful to those you trascribed the Finnish records!


I have everything on the US side of the records but thank you kindly for providing the information. My aunt is photographing all of the relevant cemetery headstones right now. I noticed several headstone projects on the internet. Does one website stand above the others as the most comprehensive for Finnish and Swedish immigrant headstones and trascription databases? I want to post all of those for other seeking US connections. If anyone has an interest, one member of the neighboring Niemi farm intersects with my Hendrickson-Vanni line two generations back.