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21-09-07, 17:50
I am currently reading the trilogy of books "Under the North Star" by Väino Linna, translated to English by Richard Impola.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaino_Linna My interest began when finding that my great- grandmother's brother, Nikolai Vilhelm Palmgren, died as a prisoner during the Finnish Civil War. These books are truly a masterpiece, and helped me understand what led up to the Finnish Civil War and the horrors of both sides, the Red and the White. I would strongly recommend them to anyone studying their family genealogy as one gets an understanding of what life was like for our Finnish ancestors. I have completed book #1 Under the North Star, #2 The Uprising, and I am currently reading #3 Under the North Star-Reconciliation. I would have to say that I have never read books with such heartfelt enthusiasm as these, and have shed many tears for my ancestor, Nikolai Vilhelm Palmgren. Maybe it was best that his family in America believed he drown while in the Merchant Marines, and had no clue he was involved in the Finnish Civil War....
Personal information
Surname Palmgren (PT) (RK) (VL)
First name Nikolai Vilhelm Vihtorinpoika (RK)
Sex Mies (PT)
Age 28
Civil status Naimaton (PT)
Number of children
Place of birth Pori (RK)
Country of birth
Year of birth 1890 (PT) (RK) (SRK)
Date of birth 2.5. (PT) (RK) (SRK)
Place of census-registration Lahti (PT) (RK) (SRK) (VL)
Province of census-registration Hämeen lääni (PT) (RK) (SRK) (VL)
Country of census-registration
Place of living
Province of residence
Country of residence
The family's means of subsistence Ei tietoa
Profession Peltiseppä (PT) (RK) (SRK) (VL)
Language group
Military organization
Way of recruitment Ei Tietoa
Party, to wich the person belonged at the time of death Punainen (PT) (RK)
Military position
Military rank Ei tietoa
Position Ei tietoa
Armed Ei tietoa (PT)
Positional remarks
Place of imprisonment Kotka (VL)

Length of imprisonment 4.5.1918 (VL)

Year of death 1918 (PT) (RK) (SRK) (VL)
Date of death 2.9. (PT) (RK) (SRK) (VL)
Place of death Helsinki (RK) (SRK) (VL)
Province of death Uudenmaan lääni (RK) (SRK) (VL)
Country of death
Scene of death Suomenlinnan vankileiri (RK) (SRK) (VL)
Cause of death Kuollut sairauteen vankileirillä
Motive of killing
Burial Ei Tietoa
Remarks on burial
Uncertain case of war victim

Extra Info
Cause of death Tavallinen keltata§uti todennäköinen K


Karen Norwillo
27-09-07, 17:26
Hi cuz,
Started reading the first book and find it fascinating. Can't wait to get the other two. Great reading.Thanks for the tip. Cousin Karen

27-09-07, 17:59
Hi Karen,
I finished reading the trilogy last week and then sent them to my relatives in the Upper Peninsula so everyone can read them. I'm going to purchase "The Unknown Soldier" next. I also found out my Aunt Lori Kinonen (my mom's sister) knows Richard Impola and his family very well. I'm thankful that he translated them to English; otherwise I would have missed some of the best writing I've ever read. What a masterpiece. Enjoy the books, Karen.

Cousin Denise