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David Bawden
25-09-07, 17:08
I've been sent some records from Finland and I need some help with translation. The title of the report is "ÄMBETSBEVIS FÖR" does that mean "report for"?

They use a numbering system and my great grandfather (for example) is given the number #6585. Is this system unique to the Baptist records or is this reference number used in other recording systems such as HisKi or other church records?

I was sent this report and I don't know where my relatives went to get it? Does anyone have a website or address I can use for my sources?

I cannot find a translation for the "Utflyttad 20-01-1894 till Purmo Bapt. förs." does that mean the individual "transferred or moved to the Purmo baptist church" on said date?

The expression "Odöpt son" (or flicka) is used instead of a name. I don't think this means "adopted" or does it? I know the names of some of the children listed based on their birth dates. Why don't they use their names?

Thanks again for the great help. Because of this forum and it's generous participants I have had an incredible wealth of useful help, contacting information for relatives in Finland, and additions to my research. I will post what I have worked on the last few years in the Finlander GEDCOM files next Summer (2008).

25-09-07, 20:28
I don't know about the numbering system, but I could suppose that it is a unique number for the Baptist church. Hiski contains people in the Lutheran church and they were registered in another place.

"Odöpt" means "Not baptized". In the Baptist church people were usually baptized when they were grown up to make the decision themselves. The Lutheran church ususally baptize new born babies. This is one of the main differences between the churches.

I have not seen your record, so I can't tell why children were listed by numbers and not by names.


27-09-07, 19:27
Hi David
I think that they mentioned the odöpt son/daughter when some newborn child have died before the christening.The number in the Ämbetsbevis are probably a counting number given for each of the ämbetsbevis the parish had wrote .Just a thought.