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27-09-07, 08:29

I'm looking for the family of 3 girls that traveled from Finland to the USA with my grandmother.

They all got their passports on the same day September 3, 1896, arriving in New York on September 19, 1896.

My Grandmother: Matilda Paalijarvi (Puolijarvi) born 1876 in Paalijarvi (Alajarvi).

1) Josefina Kanervikkoaho, born 1880 in Alajarvi
2) Hanna Bjorkbacka, born 1876 in Alajarvi
3) Lena Murtoniemi, born 1878 in Lappajarvi

Its so hard to find the women after they get married and I was wondering where they settled.

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Karen Norwillo
27-09-07, 16:46
Found their 1896 arrival in NY on the St Louis. Spellings of surnames differ, but it's them. Mathilda Palijarvi, Lina Mustaniemi, Hannah Jerbacka and Josefina Kannerockka or Kannerakka. Where did your grandmother settle? So hard with only a NY destination. Most of them didn't stay in NY. Karen

28-09-07, 04:24
Hi Karen.....Thanks for the reply, yes I have seen the arrival records and all of the girls have various spellings of their names.....adds to the frustration on finding women.

According to family history my grandmother stayed in New York and worked for 4-5 years before going to Atlantic Mine, Michigan where she married my grandfather in 1901.

DOES ANYONE KNOW....if there was a specific "Finnish" neighborhood in New York that I might be able to narrow down the search.


29-09-07, 11:51

In the cencus of 1930 there is a Josephina Kanerviko working as a servant in Township 3 Santa Barbara California. She is born in Finland about 1882. She has immigrated to the United States in the year of 1900,
Household members are
William R Dickenson 54
Anna W Dickenson 45
Martha Dickenson 20
William R Dickenson 16
Anna M Dickenson 12
Josephina Kanerviko 48 Servant
Johanna Heiberg 24 Servant
Margaret Zoller 31 Servant Born in Switzerland
Dora B Gload 57 Servant
Sarah E Taylor 48 Servant Born in Canada
Margaret Bradley 52 Servant Born in Ireland
Anna L Nordin 54 Servant Born in Sweden
The family Dickinson is from Illinois

MVH Kerstin

June Pelo
29-09-07, 23:22

There were Finnish halls around the US where immigrants met to socialize and I know there was one in New York. This website mentions the halls in CT but I didn't see anything about New York. If Syrene is reading this, she would know more about these halls.


June Pelo
29-09-07, 23:31
I just found an article about the Finn Halls. It mentioned Imatra Hall at 740 40th St., Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn. There was another one: Fifth Avenue Hall, 127th St. and Fifth Ave. in Harlem. This information came from "An Album of Finnish Halls" by Reino Nikolai Hannula. Many young emigrants from Finland went to the halls to socialize - and many ended up getting married to someone they met there.


30-09-07, 21:55
Thanks everyone for the info.

June....I'll check with Syrene to see about current Finnish Halls in New York City, perhaps they would have some old records. I didn't think about the Finnish Halls, probably because I've never had access to any of their records if they hold any.