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27-09-07, 22:49
I just heard about this forum and decided to try it out. I am a Finn-Swede American, researching my ancestors in Western Finland and Western Sweden. I live in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, just north of St. Paul. I am originally from the Iron Range in northern MN. My great-grandparents immigrated to the USA.

Some of the names I have been researching include: Ojakangas, Silfverberg, Mattila, Koskela, Konttila, Pelmaas, Juutlaukkonen, Manninen, Seppälä, Kivilahti, and many others. The areas in Finland I'm mainly researching are: Toholampi, Sievi, Haapavesi, Lapua, Kauhajoki, Alajärvi, as well as Ostmarks, Sweden. I have located books on a couple of my ancestors, but still have a lot of work to do.

June Pelo
28-09-07, 02:28
Mary, Welcome to Finlander. Some of the names you posted are familiar. If you are seeking more information, post the data and perhaps someone will be able to help you. And we have a couple members in Sweden who are also good at digging up data. I think we also have some members living in your area.

June :)

Mary Lukkarila
28-09-07, 03:56
Welcome from another Mary in Minnesota. If you don't know yet, FinnFest will be in Duluth July 23, 2008. I hear there are plans for a Swede-Finn reunion. June, have you heard anything about the reunion?

June Pelo
28-09-07, 17:17
Hi Mary. No, I haven't heard anything about a reunion, but maybe Syrene or someone else knows something about it??