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David Bawden
29-09-07, 01:12
Married Johan Andersson, 13 Jul 1819 (born: Sep 9, 1799, Forsback, Esse). Six children born at Forsback: Johan, Maj Greta, Brita Kajsa, Anders, Anders, Matts. Moved to Stenvatten, Purmo, May 17 1839.

Cannot make connection to parents. Family records show she is from Neimi. I cannot locate a farm named this around Purmo or Esse.

29-09-07, 05:23
Found this map that shows Stenvatten, and lists cities nearby. Niemi is one of them. Scroll down past the map and click on Niemi. http://www.airport-images.com/city_820176_Stenvatten

I hope this helps.


29-09-07, 06:07
Here's a better map for the location of Niemi. It is a bit south of Stenvatten.


29-09-07, 11:37
I was visiting Niemi village yesterday.It´s a small village near Kieinen,Kortsjärvi.Only a few farms there.In old times there was a school also but nowadays the children are in school in Kortesjärvi .:D

29-09-07, 11:43
Hi again
There was some typos in my comments.Niemi it´s a part of Kortesjärvi near Kielinen so I think you have to search in Kortesjärvi records instead for Purmo.It´s a small road from Stenvatten to Nars and ower to Kielinen and Niemi to the main road between Evijärvi and Kortesjärvi.Just a small comment to the tread.

29-09-07, 12:49
On Hiski, this is the only Niemi farm to come up in Purmo. On Institute of Migration, there are many Niemi farms in Vaasa and Oulu, 30 pages in all. Would you like me to send them to you?

Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

22.9.1841 Stenvatn Bs. Johan Andersson Maria Mattsdr Niemi

29-09-07, 13:03
Kortesjärvi - all


Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

17.6.1846 24.6.1846 Ylikylä Niemi Bd. Johan Lås Anna Joh:dr 47 Jacob

16.9.1850 18.9.1850 Niemi Trp. Anders Gustafss: Caisa 28 Mathias

A total of 2 events found.

Died Buried Village Farm Person Cause yrs m. w. d.

1.10.1850 6.10.1850 Niemi b. Mathias oang 1

original - KUOKOMM: und
relative: Trp. Anders Gust.sns
relative: b. Caisa
relative: B.s. Jörans Jöranssons

A total of 1 event found.

29-09-07, 13:29
Just a thought. On Google type in the following. I've come up with quite a few pages of posts archived on Niemi Farm. Maybe they will prove to be helpful in your search.

*site:genealogia.fi Niemi Farm*

June Pelo
29-09-07, 16:47

I didn't find any marriage record in Esse for Johan Andersson, b. 9 Sep 1799, who married 13 Jul 1819 to Maria Mattsdotter Niemi. I did find this record for an Anders Pettersson Forsbacka, born 9 Sep 1799, who married on 13 Jul 1819 to Lisa Andersdotter Forsbacka. I looked through the Esse marriages for a Johan Andersson Forsbacka, but didn't find him.

Anders Pettersson FORSBACKA

Birth 09 SEP 1799 Esse Lappfors
Christened 15 SEP 1799

Father Petter Andersson FORSBACKA, b. 20 SEP 1776, Esse Lappfors
Mother Brita Andersdotter MATTBäCK, b. 26 APR 1773, Esse Bäckby

Esse marriage records show that Anders Pettersson Forsbacka married 13 Jul 1819 to Lisa Andersdotter Forsbacka.


June Pelo
29-09-07, 17:27
I found a marriage record in Purmo: Johan Andersson Stenvatten, married 22 Sep 1841 to Maria Mattsdotter Niemi. Didn't find a birth record in Purmo for Maria if she used the name Niemi. Birth records in Purmo show that Johan and Maria had children: Anders, b. 1842 and Maria, b. 1846. Records don't include later years. In Esse, there were 3 boys named Johan/Johannes born at Forsback and all 3 died: Johannes, b. 1801, b. 1807, b. 1811. These boys were born to Petter Andersson Forsbacka and Brita Andersdotter. There was no one born ca 1799 in Esse named Johan Andersson Forsbacka.

Jaska Sarell
03-10-07, 14:23
Did you confuse something? :confused:

I have the same family that June refers to:

Anders Pettersson Forsbacka, b. 9 Sep 1799, married 13 Jul 1819,
Lisa Andersdotter Forsbacka, b. 4 Jul 1799.
Their children born in Esse:
Maja Greta, b. 30 Mar 1820, d. 17 May 1820
Johan, b. 6 Apr 1821
Maja Greta, b. 14 Apr 1822
Brita Caisa, b. 1 Mar 1825
Anders, b. 22 Dec 1829, d. 28 Dec 1829
Anders, b. 30 Dec 1831
Matts, b. 11 May 1838

As to Maria Mattsdotter Niemi, besides Kortesjärvi as mentioned, she could be from Evijärvi. Potential parents were Matts Eriksson Söderhernesaho/Pitkäjärvi/Niemi, d. 24 May 1832, and Lisa Jakobsdotter, d. 5 May 1832. They had a daughter Maria, b. 1 Apr 1818. NOTE: This is speculation only and need to be verified. I have some of Matts Eriksson's, b. 12 Sep 1787 maternal grandfather's ancestors recorded, including Hyytinen, Kultalahti and Strang - all my ancestors as well as Forsbacka :D
(Anders Pettersson is my FFFF's 2nd cousin and Lisa Andersdotter my FFFFF's 4th cousin)
I will gladly check these on my forthcoming visit to the National Archives. Something to start with after several months' summer break from genealogy :cool:

:) Jaska

David Bawden
03-10-07, 17:11

Thank you for the map source and the location of Niemi in Kortesjärv. It's proximity to Kalljärvi makes it a likely candidate. I've ordered the Rippikirjat for Purmo 1775-1867 as well Muuttaneet 1804-1872 to see if there are any clues in them. Are there any other sources I should consider? I am developmentally at the crawling stage in my research skills and would appreciate any guidance.

Denise, June, and Jaska,

:( Yes, I did make an error on my entry. I'd just spent too many hours running down leads and grabbed the wrong information for posting. My apology.


Thank you for the additional lead. What do the National Archives contain that might be of further help? I would like to share notes with you regarding Anders Pettersson, Forsbacka and Lisa Andersdotter, Nygärd if interested.

Jaska Sarell
03-10-07, 23:00
Hi David,

I'm glad to hear that you are waiting to see the Purmo communion books (rippikirjat) yourself. Believe me, it's very rewarding! Comparing the family details appearing there to the appropriate birth, marriage and death records (HisKi database or original records) keeps you on the track.
As I live rather near to the National Archives in Helsinki, I look at the copies of the same microfilms that you do. The easy thing is that I can jump to another parish easily, as they are all available on site.
Now I can check Maria Mattsdotter Niemi's place of origin, so that you know what other films to order for closer research.
I have early Forsbacka families rather completely recorded up to around 1820, most also available in Talko database (errors possible).

Happy searching!
:) Jaska

Jaska Sarell
06-10-07, 20:22

Soon you'll see for yourself from Purmo communion books (CB), that Maria's DOB was first recorded as 7 Feb 1818 (correctly as it appears), in CB volume from 1843 incorrectly as 7 Feb 1812.
Purmo CB doesn't mention her place of birth, but it matches a birth record in Evijärvi at Kieliniemi farm (can be found in HisKi).
In Evijärvi CB it can be seen that farm named Kieliniemi in Kivijärvi village is later named shortly as Niemi (from CB 1836-42 onwards). Kieliniemi farm seems to have been separated from larger Kielinen farm, which after Kortesjärvi parish was separated from Evijärvi in 1794 belongs to Kortesjärvi while Kieliniemi/Niemi stays in Evijärvi. Before 1760 Evijärvi parish was part of Lappajärvi.
A note in Evijärvi CB 1836-42 page 174 states for Maria that she got married in Purmo ("till giftermål i Purmo").
Maria's parents were Matts Larsson Kieliniemi (b. 8 Jun 1776, d. 15 Apr 1832) and Maria Andersdotter Isomäki (b. 18 Mar 1780 in Alahärmä at Kumpula farm, d. 28 Feb 1847). They were married on 29 Nov 1801 in Kortesjärvi.
It seems (HisKi search, not verified) that Maria's parents Anders Jakobsson and Margeta Andersdotter moved from Alahärmä (Kumpula farm) to Kortesjärvi Isomäki farm, and that they were married in Kauhava.

Farms Kielinen, Niemi and Isomäki on map (http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/karttalinkki/karttalinkki.html?map.x=207&map.y=151&cx=2460707&cy=7029149&scale=40000&tool=siirra&styles=normal&lang=en-GB&tool=siirra)

Alahärmä and Kauhava are not in "my territory", but I may look at some additions within larger Lappajärvi area. Something about Matts Larsson's ancestors already exists in my data.

So Evijärvi it was for Maria, but not the same Niemi I earlier guessed ;)

:) Jaska

David Bawden
16-10-07, 01:51
Excellent detective work. That's one mystery run down. I can see that it would be nice to have all these parish records in one place so you can jump from one to another. Thank you for your dilligence.