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June Pelo
01-10-07, 00:19
Does anyone have names of parents of Edith Elvira Skog-Rhodes-Rodas, b. 27 May 1899 in Korsholm, married in 1908 to Viktor Johansson Forsnäs, b. 1873 in Kronoby? Talko has data about Viktor's parents, but not of Edith's parents.


Art Fors
10-12-07, 02:22
Hello June,

According to FamilySearch.org (http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/IGI/individual_record.asp?recid=100226597838&lds=1&region=7&regionfriendly=Finland&frompage=99), the parents of Edith Elvira Skog-Rhodes-Rodas are: Matts Johansson Parus Skog and Vendla Isaksdotter Prost.


June Pelo
10-12-07, 15:26
Thanks, Art. We've missed you on the Forum. Glad to see you're back.


11-12-07, 13:09
The parents of Edith Elvira were
Matts Johansson Skog (also other names: Pärus, Enholm, Rulla), b. Oct. 13, 1850 in Solf, d. Jan. 25, 1891 in Tölby, married
Vendla Isaksdotter Solfström, b. June 23, 1852 in Korsholm, first married to Johan Erik Isaksson Prost (1854-1884) from Petalax.
This was also Matts Johansson Skog's second marriage, his first wife Wendla Karolina Isaksdotter Pärus from Solf died March 22, 1897 in Tölby. Several children in his first marriage.
Matts Johansson Skog's father Johan Mattsson was born 1824 in Sundom (at that time = Korsholm) but moved for some years to Solf where Matts was born.
Matts Johansson Skog's mother was Maria Johansdotter Nordman from Malax, born Nov. 1, 1822. Marriage Nov. 11, 1848.
You will find Maria Nordman at page D-1175, table 8137 in the Kiöping book part D2, but there is nothing about her husband and children.

I have been told that a family history about the Rhodes family has been published in the US.