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June Pelo
05-10-07, 20:06
The following request appeared in FAR, Oct. 2007:

I am planning a research project that utilizes DNAstudy methods to find out information on the relationship between the old 1600s Delaware colonists in New Sweden and the present Finnish Americans and Finns in general. This project also deals with the family roots of the famous John Morton, the signer of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 who had Delaware colonist ancestry (Marttinen, Mårtensson).

I am interested in hearing from you, especially if you already know your DNA markers. Would you be kind and write to me if you are a member of any of the old colonist families and their descendants? Also, if you know someone who might belong to these families, would you please help me to get in touch with them as well? All the information you deliver to me is strictly confidential and only for genealogy research purposes; itwill not be made available to anyone else.

Auvo Kostiainen, Prof.
School of History
University of Turku
FI-20014 Turku
e-mail: aukosti*utu.fi
P. +358-2-3335235, +358-40-5174313