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12-10-07, 22:19
Does anyone happen to have the genealogy (parents, siblings, and ancestry) of Selim Palmgren? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selim_Palmgren
Wondering if he is related to my great-great grandfather, Viktor Jaakonpoika Palmgren, born 22 Mar. 1859. Viktor Jaakonpoika Palmgren's parents were Jakob Mattsson Palmgren, b. 3 July 1833 Isojoki, and Maria Johansdotter Ahlsten, b. 2 June 1831 Isojoki. I was curious because Pori/Bjorneborg is where Viktor Jaakonpoika's son, Nikolai Palmgren lived when he was with the Merchant Marines and Selim Palmgren was from Pori.

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13-10-07, 05:16
I found this record on Hiski. Is this Selim Palmgren's birth? Are the names Selim and Selmi the same?

Christened - event number: 33017
Born / Christened 16.2.1878 19.3.1878
Village / Farm Staden
Father Handlanden Karl Fredrik Palmgren
Mother fru Emma Kristina Johansson 42
Child Selmi

Jaska Sarell
13-10-07, 22:18
Hi Denise,

Typing error in HisKi :mad:

Composer and pianist Selim Palmgren was indeed born in Pori on 16.2.1878 , he died in Helsinki on 13.12.1951.
One Finnish source gives his parents names as Karl Palmgren and Emma Jansson, which matches well enough.
HisKi seems rather complete for Pori. You can find Selim Palmgrens' parents deaths recorded with birth date in comment (synt.).

:) Jaska

14-10-07, 06:43
Hi Jaska,
Thank-you; I figured the name was mispelled. On Hiski it appears there was another child named Selim born in 1875 to Karl Palmgren and that name is also mispelled.

Pori - Björneborg - christened

Father's last name: PALMGREN => Palmgren
Child's first name: SELMI => Selmi
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

3.1.1875 5.2.1875 Staden Handland Carl Palmgren hustru Emma Kristina Jansson 39 Selmi

16.2.1878 19.3.1878 Staden Handlanden Karl Fredrik Palmgren fru Emma Kristina Johansson 42 Selmi

Jaska Sarell
15-10-07, 00:51
Hi again,

We should not blame HisKi scribes here, though ;)
According to a book of Finnish names, rather uncommon name Selim had variations, one of them Selmi especially in the western Finland. Both are explained to be have been shortened forms of name Anselmi.
Female equivalent Selma is much more common.

See Name Service at Population Register Center (http://www.vaestorekisterikeskus.fi/vrk/home.nsf/pages/index_eng) for number of name occurrences.

:) Jaska

15-10-07, 02:02
Hi Jaska,
No, I would never blame a transcriber for a misspelled name; gosh, that's such a monumental task! I for one, am grateful for all those wonderful people that take on such an endeavor so we can learn more of our ancestors. :D
I never thought of Selmi being a shortened version of Anselmi, and I should have as that is one of my great- grandfather's names! Anselmi Yli-Kuusijärvi! Thank-you again, Jaska, for your input; it is much appreciated.
In the meantime I'm trying to work backward on my Palmgren's, but am stuck as the records are not yet online, so I can't compare what I have found so far on Selim Palmgren's ancestry. Selim's has been quite easy to research as the surnames didn't change from farm to farm, it seems, like the rest of my ancestors have.

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24-07-11, 13:19
In 2009 a biography of Selim Palmgren was published. Having read the book some months ago I remember that Selim's father wanted to give his son a Finnish name Selmi, but later on Selim himself began to use the Swedish version.

However, Selim Palmgren was one of the greatest composers of the young Finnish nation. This march is though not so well known:


18-08-11, 16:00
Hi Matti,
I am so sorry I have not responded sooner. I have not been on Finlander Forum for quite awhile. Thank-you for this new information. I will check this out.

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