View Full Version : Spåra descendants in the US

June Pelo
13-10-07, 19:37
The editor of Leading Star newspaper received the following letter:

The executor of the estate of deceased Erik and Linnea Spåra of Kantlax, Munsala, Finland, is seeking information about Erik Spåra's sister, Anni Elisabeth Spåra (married Vik) and her two daughters, Gunda Adele and Marianne. Anni Vik migrated to the United States (supposedly to the San Francisco area) in the late 50ties or early 60ties. Gunda Adele was born 11-28-1928 in Finland, while Marianne was born in the United States.
Anyone who has any information about Gunda Adele and/or Marianne, please contact Raoul Carlstedt at raoul.carlstedt*multi.fi
or George Sundquist at georgesund2*aol.com

Any help will be appreciated.