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16-10-07, 17:27
My deceased sister, Adina Forsman Swanbeck (Klockars) was the daughter-
in-law of Anders Karlsson Klockars, Swanbeck and Lydia Sofia Johansdotter
Lojlax. Four generartions previous to Anders and Lydia in notice a gentleman
named Klockaren Lars Svanback f. 16.2.1747 married to Susanna Henriks-dotter. Throughout the rest of this Ahnentafel all the way back to one Lasse
Jonsson, Bonde pa Knuts 1559-62 (forgive my vowel omissions) I see no "Klockars" . My question goes back to Lars Svanback 1747. Because he was evidently the "bell-ringer"in the Munsala church which was built in 1784, could it be that the "Klockar Clan" in Munsala, perhaps Malax, all began with Lars?. I feel confident someone from Seattle to Karelia should have some sort of an answer. Thank you in advance.


June Pelo
16-10-07, 20:41

One of my cousins is part of the Klockars family of Malax. One of his earliest ancestors was Wellam Andersson - this is what I copied from his notes about Klockars: (Wellam's) Father may have been German who moved from Uleåborg to Limingo; then family moved to Malax. Wellam inherited the home from his father-in-law in 1681. Sexton in Malax 1701. Had at least 6 children, 3 died 1676. His son Anders died in the war and left no children to inherit the place. Had a son b. 1700, taken away by Russians 1714.

Some of Wellam's descendants took the Granlund name.
Fredrik has been corresponding with Finlander member Wayne Sanman about his Klockars family in Höstves. Wayne thought his Klockars line would be related to Fredrik's line, but Fredrik said NO. There are many Klockars families, but not necessarily related.

Years ago I did some research for a woman in Texas who was linked to a Klockars from Karleby. It appears to be an occupational name and probably every parish had a Klockars family.

June :)

18-10-07, 11:08
I have a feeling that the homestead where the "bell ringer" lived soon begun to go by the name "Klockars", ie. the genetive of "bell ringer" in Swedish, "the bell-ringer's homestead". This the same way as other homesteads were called "Antas", "Eirikas" etc. after the given names or nick names one of the previous heads-of-family or the current one at that time.


18-10-07, 21:17
It's more than a feeling, Hasse. There are many farms with occupational names, like Smeds (smith's), Skomars (shoemaker's), Byggmästars (builder's) Murmästars (mason's), Skrifvars (writer's/secretary's), Kaptens (captain's), Gästgifvars (tavern keeper's) et.c.