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20-10-07, 08:05
Hi, my name is Margot and I am a Canadian born Australian. I have been searching long and hard (and spectacularly unsuccessfully) for my Finnish family. Finally, by the curiosity of a Finnish friend of my son, I was able to establish that my grandmother, Maria Karolina Petersson, was born in Lumparland in 1887. So last week I idly keyed in the name of my grandfather (Toivo Ferdinand Granholm) together with Lumparland, on the hopeful assumption that perhaps he was born there also, and I found a thread started by Syrene asking about Governor Jennifer Granholm's roots, and to my amazement the two people mentioned were my very own grandparents!
I contacted Ingemar Ekman, and the help he has given me has been fantastic.
I found brothers and sisters of Toivo of whom I was completely unaware, and now I would really like to know the whole story. The first knowledge I had was when I was born in Campbell River, Vancouver Island, where my Nanna and Daddy Chuck lived. After my Australian mother took her family back to Australia to live, my connection with Canada and my grandparents was largely by letter and so I didn't really know them. Maybe I can rectify that now.

21-10-07, 15:18
G'day Margot,

I'm afraid I cannot help you with your ancestry search, but just want to say welcome to another Aussie-Finlander (well, discounting the Canadian bit!). I think that makes 5 or 6 of us on Finlander now, so we are in the minority.

All the best


Ingemar Ekman
21-10-07, 16:18
Hi Margot,
I am glad that you have joined the Finlander forum. I noticed in my family file that Maria Karolina's uncle was married to my greatgrandfather's 5th cousin.

From the book " Families and farms in Lumparland" by Håkan Skogsjö I am sending an extract
regarding Maria Karolina Mattsdotter Pettersson born 1 Feb 1887 parents and siblings.

Matts Vilhelm Pettersson b. 15 May 1849 in Lumparby Lumparland d. 29 Oct 1922 married
1 Jan 1873 to Serafia Elisabet Karlsdotter b. 14 Sep 1846 in Sund d 10 Apr 1925
Their 7 children all born in Lumparby Lumparland
Mathilda Serafia b 1873 d 1876
Vilhelmina Elisabeth b 22 Dec 1875, emigrated 1903 and was married 19 Nov 1904 in Vancouver BC Canada to Karl Anders Lindqvist from Bistorp Lemland
Karl Vilhelm b 1878 d 1887
Mathilda Serafina b 21 Sep 1885 Emigrated to USA 1904
Maria Karolina b 1 Feb 1887 emigrated to USA but returned and lived in Mariehamn
Karl Vilhelm b 3 Dec 1888 emigrated 1907 to USA
Rosa Susanna b 20 Sep 1890 emigrated 1913 to USA returned home 1921 and emigrated
1925 to Canada

If you are interested about the history of Åland islands, please read the article at

Best regards,

June Pelo
21-10-07, 18:57
Good job, Ingemar! For those of you who don't already know, Ingemar is our expert on Åland research.

June :)

22-10-07, 12:48
Hi Gwenda,
Thank you so much for the welcome. I am overwhelmed at the support and information I have received from willing and knowledgable Finlanders,and I'm pretty excited to have finally found my family. And lovely to meet another Aussie!
regards, Margot

22-10-07, 13:03
Hello Ingemar,
I am astonished! We are practically cousins! Thank you again for this eagerly received information on my grandmother. I would really like to learn about Aland, is the book you mentioned available in English? I will have a look at the link you provided, and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me,
regards, Margot.

22-10-07, 13:07
Dear June.
I can only agree. :)

Ingemar Ekman
22-10-07, 19:28
Thank you for your nice words. I plan next week be in Mariehamn 2 days and I hope I will find more information at the archive.
Toivo Ferdinand's mother Amanda Wilhelmina Nummelin born 10/1 1862
was divorced when she re-married 23/6 1887 in Mariehamn to Gustaf Ferdinand Granholm. The communion book in Mariehamn stated that she came from Kimito.
The marriage record can also be find on HISKI at www.genealogia.fi
Best regards,

Ingemar Ekman
22-10-07, 23:59
Little more information from a photo I took 2004 of the communion book in Mariehamn from the beginning of 1900:
The painter Gustaf Ferdinand Granholm b 21/6 1861 in Raumo
married 23/6 1887 in Maksmo?
The wife Amanda Wilhelmina Nummelin b 10/1 1862 in Åbo (Turku) moved 1887 from Kimito
Children: Toivo Ferdinand b 12/5 1886 ”ante nuptias” = born prior marriage
Impi Lempi b 7/5 1889
Usko Väinö b 14/11 1892
Saimi Elisabeth b 26/3 1894
Karl Hjalmar b 13/3 1895
Rauha b 7/5 1896
Amanda Wilhelmina b 16/5 1898
Aarne Johannes b 1/5 1899
Helga Soini b 10/7 1902
Maria b 4/9 1903 died young

from the CD with death records in Sweden I found that
Amanda Wilhelmina died 14/4 1983 in Norrtälje , maried Åsberg and widow 16/7 1956

Best regards,

Erik S
17-12-07, 23:44
Hej Margot

I just want to tell you that I´ve just registered as a member of Finlander Forum, thanks to Ingemar Ekman, who I know (a bit) from my work at Ålands landskapsarkiv in Mariehamn. I've taken part of the conversation you all have had, and am greatful for the opportunities to talk separately to you or any other person that has interesting things to tell about what you and I are interested in.
Best regards
Erik S

Ingemar Ekman
18-12-07, 19:00
Hi Erik,
Good to see you on this list. Have you or any other Finlander members more information about Amanda Wilhelmina Nummelin b 10 Jan 1862 in Åbo (Turku) moved 1887 from Kimito? (The mother to Toivo Ferdinand Granholm)
Best Regards,