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June Pelo
05-11-07, 20:26
Kochta Kelleinen and Tellervo Kalleinen hit on the idea three years ago while pondering the Finnish word "valituskuoro" which translates into "complaints choir" and refers to people complaining in packs. They have started choirs from Australia to Israel devoted to the notion that it is healthy to belt gripes out in four-part harmony. Now the movement has reached the US to combat the persistent American belief that it is best to think positively and keep complaints to yourself. They want to end "the tyranny of the positive attitude in America."

The couple organized the first successful choir in England where a makeshift choir of college students sang in public squares and bars about pricey beer. Clips of the choir got onto YouTube and they were inundated with e-mails. That led to choirs in Helsinki where singers bemoaned boring dreams, and one in Hungary which ranted about a neighbor holding folk-dance practice in an upstairs apartment.

Participants are not required to have a musical background, but they must offer at least one complaint for possible inclusion in the libretto.


Jaska Sarell
05-11-07, 21:34

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