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June Pelo
03-09-03, 18:26
I've been asked for help with Svein Ström's ancestors. If anyone can help, please reply to him: EMAIL: sveinks%40c2i.net

Here is what he wrote:

June Pelo

04-09-03, 02:51
Hi June,
When I was helping my cousin trace her Kentala ancestors, there was someone on the list who mentioned some Kenta(la)s that were in Houghton/Hancock area. I want to say it was Alicia, but I may be wrong. Hopefully they'll see your message and be able to help.


13-09-03, 07:14
I've been in touch with Svein about this group. They are very elusive.

Alicia has been doing research on them as well. No one seems to be making much headway, dagnabit.

I sent off an email to seurakunta Alatornion, but haven't heard a peep out of them. Any other suggestions welcome.

June Pelo
13-09-03, 19:42
Yes, Alicia has been trying to help the family, bless her. The last I heard was that someone from Norway was coming over to do some searching. I think Alicia probably knows the latest.


02-10-03, 15:59
Yes, a family member is coming here to see if he can find anything.I have beat myself silly looking for this family. They had so many names attached i have not been able to figure out what last name they may have taken.Isaacson/Johnson/ Abramson are a few, all common here.
His query was also in the FAR newspaper with no results.

02-10-03, 17:19
Please check out Rikki's post. That's one of the sources for ancestors born in the Tornio River area.