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David Bawden
06-11-07, 04:06
Elias and Brita of Kalljärvi are as far as I can track back one line. I find them in the 1815 census of Kalljarvi and they move in and out of Kalljarvi but I do not know where they came from or where they go in between. I can not find their marriage or original farms and ancestors. The communion books for Kalljarvi show Elias born 1777 and Brita in 1786. Children-Anders 17.9.1811, Greta Lisa 11.5.1814, Cajsa 5.10.1815, anna Maria 20.10.1820, Sera? 17.8.1825, and Britha 23.3.1828.

I'm fascinated by the variant spellings of this farm: Kalljärvi, Kaljerfvi, Kaljerf, Kalljerf, Norkalljarfi, Walfterkalljarfvi(?), Calijarf, Calijerf (1793), Calijervi (1775-1789).

Any ideas on how to chase these two down?

Karen Norwillo
06-11-07, 15:52
Go to the Family Search site of the LDS and you will find your entire family that you are researching with a downloadable Gedcom. It shows the entire family, children, who they married, their children, dates etc. I just searched on the first child of Elias and Brita and found generations. I typed in Anders Eliasson, selected birth/christening 1811, select Finland, selected Elias and Brita as parents first names and....everything is there.
Elias Andersson, born 24 Jan 1778 in Drycksback, Terjarv, Vasa, Finland
married Brita Karlsdotter on 4 Nov 1810 in Pedersöre, Vasa, Finland. He died 3 Feb 1847 in Kalljärvi, Vasa, Finland. This is just a small bit of all the info. If you don't want to download, you can just print the info. Anders had 13 children. You should be able to work backward from Elias and Brita.
If you have any trouble, contact me. Karen

Karen Norwillo
06-11-07, 16:26
Checking the LDS site, I see that they have some of the children listed twice.Maja Lisa and Maria Elisabet 1814 are the same person and Helena and Lena 1825 are the same even though they give two different birth days. It would appear Lena and Karl were twins.
Can't seem to trace Brita Karlsdotter back in Purmo records even though she falls in the dates available on Hiski records. The 1786 birthdate is listed as abt 1786 on some LDS records. Could be wrong. Karen

June Pelo
06-11-07, 21:10
The Källjärvi family are the ancestors of Finlander member Karl-Gustav Molander's mother. I'll contact him to ask if he has seen your mail.


Karen Norwillo
06-11-07, 22:12
Looking at the marriage record on Hiski for Elias and Brita in Pedersöre, it says
4.11.1810, Kronoby, Drycksbäck, Elias Andersson and Sold.ean Brita Carlsdotter Sjö of Östensö village.
Looking at the deaths I found Jacob Johansson Sjö 22.5.1808 in Östensö Klubb, 7 months, Sold. Johan Sjö.
Perhaps Brita was a widow when she married Elias.

David Bawden
07-11-07, 03:09
Since I'm rather new at this I do not whether I should trust HisKi's data or the communion books. I've got several problems.

For example: HisKi notes an Anders Eliasson born Oct 7 1811, christened Oct 12th at Kaljerfvi by Elias Andersson and Britha Carlsdr. Communion Book 1832-1842 shows birth of Anders as Sep 17 1811 as does CB 1824-1831, CB 1809-1815. Which should I use?

Another problem is with Anders wife, Anna. Is it Mattsdr or Johansdr??? All CB show his wife's last name as Mattsdr and never as Johansdr. In HisKi both Mattsdr and Johansdr are shown married to an Anders Eliasson having babies at Kalljarvi during same period and the babies are all attributed to Anna Mattsdr in communion book. HisKi shows only a marriage of Anders Eliasson to Anna Johansdr but none to Anna Mattsdr. I'm a bit confused. I wish census records had put the spouse's last name.

The other researcher whose extensive work is posted on the LDS Family History Ancestry File, Karl-Gustav Molander, appears to use only HisKi sources on this matter. I hope I can get in touch with him and ask him some quesitons.

I've tried to document all my sources to the primary ones whenever possible (Census and Communion Books). Are there other primary sources I should know about to double check this? I'm too new at this to know how to access any tax, property or other records yet, but I'd sure like to learn.

Karen Norwillo
07-11-07, 16:13
To add more confusion, LDS has father listed as Eric Mattsson, mother as Anna Susanna Pehrsdotter, dob 5 Nov 1811 in Emaus, Purmo, Vasa. When you go to Hiski, the Anna born matching date and place is listed as born out-of-wedlock to Anna Susanna. Anna Susanna and Eric Mattsson didn't marry until 16.9.1821. Karen

June Pelo
07-11-07, 22:54
According to data given to me, Erik Mattsson Ejde-Naars, b. 1776, married #1 in 1797 to Maria Jakobsdotter Härmäla, b. 1776 and they had a son Johan, b. 1802. Erik Mattsson married #2 16 Sep 1821 to Anna Susanna Persdotter, 1783-1854. But Anna Susanna had 3 children born out of wedlock in Purmo before she married:
Anders Annasson, b. 4 Mar 1807, d. 1824; Anna Mattsdotter, b. 5 Nov 1811, d. 1898; and Simon Eriksson, b. 21 Dec 1816, d. 1873. Anna and Simon had the "surname" Kalibacka. Anders had the matronymic of Annasson, Anna had a patronymic of Mattsdotter, and Simon had the patronymic of Eriksson. Don't know why they weren't all Annasdotter/Annassons. Unless Anna's daughter Anna's father was named Matts, and her son Simon's father was named Erik? There's no indication as to the father's name for these children in the birth records.

Anna Susanna was 38 when she married Erik Mattsson Naars, who was 44 at the time. Anna was the daughter of Per Mickelsson Wikare-Manfors from Kronoby and Susanna Eriksdotter Back from Munsala. Anders Eliasson and Anna Kalibacka had 14 children.


Karen Norwillo
08-11-07, 02:32
There is a marriage on Hiski for a Johan Johansson of Östensö Klubb and Brita Carlsdotter of Sundbyn Nyman on 30 Nov 1806 which would tie in with the death record of that Jacob Johansson Sjö in 1808.
Birth of Jacob found as 11 Oct 1807 in Östensö Klubb to Johan Johansson and Brita Carlsdotter age 21, which would have dob abt 1786. This is from Pedersöre parish. Karen

K-G Molander
08-11-07, 03:15
I alvays use dates from birth - marriage -death/burial records above dates from communion books.
Thus as the number one source for birth is birth records; marriage date from marriage rcords and death date from death/burial records.
If I can't find dates in above records I will take the dates found in communion books.

Abouth Anna Mattsdotter:
Purmo Parish Communion Books:
1860 - 1867 page 174
1852 - 1859 page 164
1843 - 1849 page 140
1831 - 1842 pages 58, 172
1824 - 1830 Kalebacka
1816 - 1823 Emaus............... Moves to Kalebacka.

The "Book of Birth" is saying "illegitimate".
In the Book of Marriage, she is written as "pigan Anna Johansdotter Kalebacka".
When she appears at Kalljärvi #17 (page 172), her name has change to "Anna Mattsdotter". At the same time her birth year is change to 1815. I have also find her in other books as "Anna Ersdotter".
In burial records her name is written as "Anna Mattsdr Kalljärvi".

More abouth Anna Mattsdotter:
Maybe probate records could give more information on the correct names for all of the children of Anna Susanna Pehrsdotter.