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David Bawden
10-11-07, 00:14
I always wondered how many farm names there were in Purmo so I compiled a list. Sometimes with HisKi I need to use a different spelling on a farm as they changed over time. See attached in pdf. The "A" farms are And:Ols:Stenvatten, Aspegrens, Adelsbacka, Andstensbacka, Alnäs, Aho, Ahlnäs.

Jaska Sarell
10-11-07, 11:26
Below the list of Purmo farms as they appear in land records 1875.
link to source (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=22042)
Aspegrens was chaplain's residence. Lassfolk was called Kylänpää before 1830.
You may try to connect different spelling variations to these names :p

Other Vasa province farm names in 1875 can also be found here (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/hak_view.ka?hakid=327).
The parish names are listed in Finnish. The record contents are in Swedish.

:) Jaska


1. Sisbacka 2. Backa 3. Aspegrens 4. With 5. Pertar 6. Svarfvar 7. Nordanå 8. Kecko 9. Mattjus 10. Filpus 11. Nygård 12. Bäck 13. Pass 14. Sandberg 15. Bonds 16. Klåvus 17. Raak 18. Nybränn 19. Kallträsk 20. Stenbacka 21. Westerbacka 22. Kalljärvi


1. Slip 2. Storkamp 3. Willbacka 4. Lassfolk 5. Härmälä 6. Emaus 7. Kornjärvi 8. Sandnabba 9. Ejde 10. Stennabba 11. Storbacka 12. Kauhajärvi 13. Haapbacka 14. Wilobacka 15. Häribacka 16. Porkholm 17. Kalljärvi 18. Nars 19. Österbacka 20. Stenvatten 21. Sääksjärvi 22. Herrberge 23. Bäcksbacka 24. Åland 25. Finnabba/Finnbacka

17-11-07, 21:38
There is a fairly good list of farm names by villages and parishes at the site of the Finnish Family History society's (Suomen sukuhistoriallinen yhdistys) wiki database: http://www.digiarkisto.org/wiki/index.php/Paikkakunnat. The society's main source seem to be the National Archive's tax census images.

The adress of their main home page is http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/.

The site is mainly in Finnish.

They have also a ambitious project where they try to digitize the communion books at the address http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/arkisto/paikkakunnittain.htm, but I'm afraid this will come to big difficulties due to technical reasons.


Jaska Sarell
18-11-07, 00:02
Sune, see editing history of some of the pages :D

It's fairly easy to add more, but preferably by someone with a better touch of the parish in question.

:) Jaska

18-11-07, 10:44
Well, Jaska, it's a small world…:D