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13-11-07, 16:53
Dear Finlanders!

Ive been researchig the emigrants to Northern American from my own home town Parkano for a few years now and have decided to build a website of the information I have found of them. During the past few years I have also e-mailed with quite a few of their descendants. I have lost a few e-mail addresses and would be very grateful if you contacted me again.

The website is far from complete, I have only put in a small part of the material I have at the moment but before going to more trouble with this I would love to hear your comments on the site, especially the content. Is it easy to understand? Is there something that should be left out because of confidentiality issues? What would you like to be added?

You can find the site here: http://parkanoemigrants.googlepages.com/
You can also e-mail me privately merjasyrjamakiATgmail.com (replace AT with * )

Best regards and thanks in advance!


08-03-10, 16:03
Hi everyone!

My website of emigrants from Parkano has moved, the new url is http://sites.google.com/site/emigrantsfromparkano/

The layout of the site suffered quite a bit with the move but I hope I will be able to make it look better in time. All the information is left, however.
I think I have probably about 70 percent of emigrants from Parkano to Northern America in the 19th and early 20th century listed. I hope to have the rest there by the end of the year. Lots and lots of information of their life in the US and especially Canada is still missing.

Thanks for anyone who has contacted me regarding these emigrants. You have been a great help! Special thanks and warm thoughts to Denise!

All new contributions are welcome!

08-03-10, 22:34

Thanks for the update.

I see that my old link still works, will that continue?

Ingemar Ekman
09-03-10, 09:18
Hi Merja,
In the Finnish Seamens Church in New York was an Johan Alexander Andersson (Anderman?) 34 years old from Parkano married 22/6 1907 to Wilhelmina Lindgren 38 years old from Eura.
Best regards,

09-03-10, 15:02
Thank you, Ingemar, for the clue! Have to check out who this guy was. There were not that many seamen from Parkano, an inland town.
The old website will redirect your browser to the new one but I do not know for how long. I am not that happy with Google sites and am considering finding a new provider for my pages.