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16-11-07, 03:45
I have finally found the birthplace of my great grandparents & GG grandparents. We plan on traveling to Finland in July 08 to Snappertuna and Degerby to see where they lived and worked. More importantly, we hope to find Finns living in these areas who may have been decendants. How should I go about finding directories of people living in these 2 towns and cemetery records there?

Kaj Granlund
18-11-07, 16:03
For Degerby you should contact the Ingå parish at inga.kansli*evl.fi. Degerby was a part of the Porkkala area that Soviet had for some years after WWII and that's why the parish doesn't exist as independent.
For Snappertuna: snappertuna.forsamling*evl.fi you can check the addresses at

18-11-07, 21:20
Perhaps you can contact some of theese people too: