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17-11-07, 13:12
Some relatives and I are planning a trip to Finland in May 2008. We would like to meet any of our Finnish relatives that are interested in meeting us. My father was born in Lohtaja, Finland, in 1899. My mothers parents were both born in Finland. All are from western Finland, parishes inlcude Kalajoki, Himanko, Lohtaja, Kannus. Some of the names in my ancestry are Mikko Siermala, b.29 Sep 1862, Kalajoki; Hilma Kotka, b 25 Dec 1871, Himango; Johannes Johanson, b 21 Jun 1842, Kannus; Michael Pernu, b. 11 Sep 1835, Himanka; Elisabeth Torvi, b 3 Oct 1801, Himanko; Erik Hautala, b 3 or 31 Jul 1874, possibly Rautio; Henrik Savukoski, b 8 Jan 1839, Merijarvi; Britta Ainali, b 6 Dec 1845, Kannus; Kristina Kaitfors, b 27 Sep 1849,Lohtaja; Kalle Saralampi, b 9 Mar 1841 Kannus. If you think you are related and would like to meet us, please email me at chamblessmk * msn.com (omit spaces around *)