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Karen Norwillo
24-11-07, 15:42
I'm looking for information in Finland about August Nyman. He emigrated to MN between 1880-1886 and settled in Spruce Grove, MN. His son Johan (John) married my aunt Inga Sulasalmi. I have a date of birth as Nov. 1860. He married a Kaisa Greta Hendrickson (Henriksdotter?) abt. 1886. I don't know if they married in Finland or the US. According to various census years, they had about 14 children, all born in US. I cannot find an emigration for him or where he was from in Finland. The middle name of Taron seems very unusual, never heard it before. I have info from the US, what I'm looking for is where he was from in Finland. Any help greatly appreciated. Karen

Karen Norwillo
24-11-07, 16:41
Strangely, WWI Draft Reg. for 3 of the sons, Emil, Isaac and John give mother's name as Kaisa Nyman and Kaisa Hendrickson, same address. I have a possible death date for August Nyman as either 1913 or 1918, there are 2 on the MN Death Index. One could be father, the other son. Maybe Kaisa remarried to a Hendrickson and it's not her birth name. I found a death date of 1939 for a Kaisa Hendrickson in Becker County, MN. She would have been reasonably young if August died between 1913-18, so a remarriage is plausable. Just a thought. Karen

Karen Norwillo
26-11-07, 20:30
On the Becker County, MN births, the maiden name of the mother of Nyman children born 1900-1904 was given as Pavola, probably Paavola in Finland. So maybe I am correct about a remarriage to a Hendrickson. Does anyone have a Kaisa Greta Paavola born May 1864, according to the 1900 Census, also found as 30 April 1864 on someones family tree on Ancestry. Karen

Karen Norwillo
08-12-07, 16:16
Just received my uncle John Nyman's death record. Parents are listed as August Nyman and Katherina Mathis. Possibly ?? Kaisa's patronymic was Mathiasdotter or Mattsdotter. I find loads of Nymans around Malax, Nykarleby, Vaasa, Oravais and Solf, but no luck finding August or Kaisa yet. Would Paavola be found in these areas also? Hiski records don't go to these years...1860-1864. Kaisa did remarry to a Jacob Hendrickson. She died 1939 as Kaisa Kreeta Hendrickson in Frazee, Becker, MN.

b hietala
15-03-08, 01:12
This thread has my curiosity going. My girlfriend has been giving me bits and pieces of her family history and she reports hitting a roadblock with her Finnish relatives. It seems that her great grandparents lived in Frazee, Minnesota. Her name was Kaisa and she was informally known as Grandma "Jack"... She was married to a man named Jack (Jacob?) and it was believed the surname was Nieman... (Nyman?)

I would be interested in the names of Kaisa's children. Perhaps there is a connection here. Kaisa's maiden name is unknown at this point... So, you see the interest here. Tantalizing clues perhaps. I would appreciate more information on this family... Kiitos

Karen Norwillo
15-03-08, 14:07
I'll put together what info I have of the Nyman family and post later. I found August Nyman's land grant the other day. Amazing what you find as you keep digging.

Karen Norwillo
15-03-08, 14:18
I'm going to try to attach this PDF, but it may be too large.

Karen Norwillo
15-03-08, 14:25
Here's the rest of the info. Looks like it came through fine. Feel free to ask me if you don't understand something. Karen

b hietala
15-03-08, 15:27
Thanks Karen!

I'm 99% certain this is the right family. The child, Alma, is the line I was looking for. Have you found any Finland connections yet? It would be great to run this back to the old country! Let me know if you discover anything more. Or, if anyone else on the forum has suggestions .... there are several people
now interested in this family history! And a few Finns in Montana who don't know where they came from.


b hietala
16-03-08, 16:34

After a bit of investigation, it turns out that this is indeed the right family. Alma Lydia married an Elmer Johnson and ended up in Williston, North Dakota.... from there, the family line runs to Glasgow, Montana and further west. On the 1900 census, there is a Frederick and Anna Pavola also listed. Frederick b. 1840 and Anna b. 1835. Immigration date 1882.

They would be old enough to be Kaisa's parents and it might be a long shot, but you never know. You kind of have to be a social detective sometimes, eh? I am running into roadblocks with immigration information. Let me know what you discover about this family.

I will be in Minnesota in about 10 days... short trip .. and will check out the courthouse in Becker County for further information.. maybe something will turn up. I have the homestead located and plan to visit the original 40 acre homesite. It is in the vicinity of Wolf Lake and some interesting trivia here. The area was settled by a Finnish population and the lake was originally named Susijarvi, changed later to Wolf Lake.

Thanks again for the information. It is beginning to unlock some doors and your research has made some people very happy. Kiitos


Karen Norwillo
16-03-08, 18:50
If you get to the family homestead and take pictures, please share them with me. I will keep you updated on any new findings. I have a wedding photo of John Nyman and my aunt and pictures of their children. I also have a copy of his birth certificate from Becker County if you're interested. August Nyman's Homestead grant is on Ancestry and is prinable. If you don't have access, I will send that to you also.
I'm intrigued by that middle name Taron, if it's correct, I never heard of it.Karen

b hietala
16-03-08, 19:35

I will certainly share photos with you and any other information we discover. Please check your private mail as I am leaving family contact information with you... BH

Karen Norwillo
16-03-08, 20:52
Bruce, Will do. Thanks for the contact. Karen

Karen Norwillo
17-03-08, 00:50
I sent for a copy of a Naturalization record from the Iron Range Genealogical Society. I don't know if it's the correct August Nyman, but it's the only one on the MN site. Hopefully it's him. If not, I spent $10 in vain. I'm hoping if it's him, it will give the place of bith in Finland. Karen

b hietala
17-03-08, 02:40
Good job Karen,

I thought of that as well, but wondered if their geographical area would reach as far as Wolf Lake. Thought it might just focus on the iron range area further east. If it is his record, it will give a lot of good information. I obtained my grandfather's naturalization record from them and it was fairly extensive. I will be anxious to hear the results. I'll split the cost with you, no matter what. Thanks!

Karen Norwillo
17-03-08, 14:35
I wondered about the location of Otter Tail too, but they did move a few times before the finally settled in Frazee. First child born in MI, next few in Rockwood, Wadena, MN and then Spruce Grove Twsp, Becker, MN. Maybe August applied for his papers on one of the moves. With the son August being born in MI, I'm wondering if that's where Kaisa had settled when she came over. I'm going to look into Pavola's in an area of MI close to MN. Karen

Karen Norwillo
17-03-08, 18:39
I checked a county map for MN. Wadena, Becker and Otter Tail were adjacent counties, so maybe it's him. Interestingly, a man named Frazee was an early settler in Otter Tail. Wonder if the Frazee in Becker county was named for him?

b hietala
18-03-08, 04:30
According to the Frazee website, the town was named after R.L. Frazee, an Ohio native, so probably not. I think the idea to search MI for Paavola is a good one. I've noticed that there is no immigration date for Kaisa on any documents I've located. So, did she arrive with her parents and marry after her arrival? Good luck with your search. It's fun to watch people come to life again after so many years gone. I seem to get connected with them and start feeling the pulse of their life. Life after death, eh?

Karen Norwillo
18-03-08, 13:46
R. L. Frazee is the man I found in Otter Tail. He must have settled in Becker County later or did something that made someone want to name a town after him or his family.

b hietala
18-03-08, 13:59
Oops... I was thinking Finnish immigration with R.L. Frazee, so I dismissed him because his family had roots in Ohio. I would have to review the information, but I think he was involved in some early mill or manufacturing of some kind, I think. You can google "Frazee Minnesota history" and learn more of him.

Karen Norwillo
18-03-08, 14:21
I did just that. Found he was one of the original signers of a petition to organize Otter Tail as a township in 1870. He is listed on the rolls of original land owners there. He had a sawmill, which he later sold, and a flour mill. He must have then moved on to Becker county and was prominent in the area. Interestingly, Frazee was first called Detroit Village and then Third Crossing before becoming Frazee.

Karen K
20-03-08, 19:22
Hi, don't know if this would have any connection to your Nyman family but there was a Bill [William] Nyman who lived in Aitkin County ,Mn. Would have been in either Haugen or Balsam township. He lived there for many years and probably died in the county in about the 1960's. I don't really know much about him, though I believe he may have been Finnish. He was my grandfather's bestman and a good friend of his. Just thought I'd mention it in case there was a connection. Karen

b hietala
31-03-08, 02:24
Karen K ... I haven't found a Bill Nyman, but there is always the possibility of a connection. Just haven't found it yet. Let me know if you learn more, thanks.

Karen N ... Just returned from Minnesota and was able to spend a few hours at the Becker County Courthouse. The Historical Society happened to be closed on the day we were there. I was disappointed about that. Nevertheless, we could have spent 3 or 4 days at the Courthouse... It was a goldmine.

August Nyman purchased 40 acres from the N.P. Railroad in 1902, for $120.00. The next year he applied for a homestead on the 40 acres adjoining his property and that is the homestead that is recorded... so, he actually owned 80 acres in Spruce Grove Township. He died June 3, 1913 of Bright's disease (9 years duration) and the property transferred to Kaisa. Probate records indicate she received $79.15 in cash and each of the eleven children identified received a sum of $14.39 each. The firstborn son, August, was not listed ... neither was the last born son, Eddy.

Kaisa remarried on Oct. 22, 1915 to Jacob Hendrickson ... Her son Isaac married a Selma Henning on the same day, so perhaps they had a joint wedding ceremony.

Kaisa died on 12/23/1939 ... cause of death... heart disease and senility. The property passed on to Arthur Nyman ... It is currently owned by a company, Orchard Farms. We were unable to drive onto the original homestead because of No Trespassing signs (NO TREPASSING BEYOND THIS POINT AND THAT MEANS YOU!) ... so, we took it seriously ....but at least had a glimpse of the original property and a few pictures.

I found a John W. Nyman in the marriage records. Perhaps a son of one of the original children, perhaps your John? He married a Hazel Larson on 4/18/1946 and was listed as residing in Snohomish County, Washington. Does this sound familiar?

Elmer Johnson.. husband of Alma Nyman, was listed as residing in Koochicking County at the time of their marriage... but, township records show Johnson families in the vicinity of the Nyman homestead... A. Johnson and V. Johnson. Interestingly, Jacob Hendrickson is listed as a witness to their marriage in 1912. An F. Paavola owned 160 acres near the Nyman homestead as well.

A curious find... in one record, Kaisa's father is listed as Heikki Matta.. but, in all the birth records, her maiden name is Pavola. August Nyman's father is listed as Albert Nyman.

I have more information (birthdates, marriage dates etc.) and several documents I can send, if you are interested. I would be interested in sharing whatever hard copies you may have on the family. It was an interesting trip. I'm having trouble uploading a picture of the property. I'll get it to you as soon as I get this figured out. :)

I didn't find anything on the middle name, Taron. But, I'm interested in where you found it. Did you get info from Iron Range yet?


Karen Norwillo
31-03-08, 03:10
I received an email the other day stating the Naturalization document on August was sent that day. I'm hoping it will be in the mail tomorrow. I found the homestead info online and was able to print out the location, but the cost is news. Thank you so much for the added info. I would love to receive what you have to add to mine. My John Nyman, son of August was married to my aunt in Crystal Falls, MI. I don't know exactly where I got the Taron name from. Someone sent it to me. I've always questioned it. I'm hoping the papers I receive will clear that issue. I'm not sure if there's anything I haven't sent to your friend. Do you still have my private email? Your friend should have it. Karen

Karen Norwillo
31-03-08, 17:06
I found where I got the Taron from. On Ancestry.com, under Family Trees, there is a tree started by someone for August Taron Nyman and Kaisa. There is some info from a lady in Becker county who tells of a Jim Nyman and quick research done at the courthouse. Unfortunately, I think some of the info doesn't belong to August's family. It mentions all the land purchases that you found, but some of the births I think belong to another Nyman family. There are twin sons born 6/1900 to A. Nyman. The twins in 1900 were a son and a daughter, Pearl Kathryn and Emil born May 9, 1900. Also, Johan, John, was not born in Bemidiji. He was born in Becker County. I have a copy of his birth certificate. I'm also not sure of the last birth listed as Edi or Eddy.
There were many Nyman families in the area. From Jim's recollections, he says there were 5 Nyman brothers and some girls. I don't know if he means August's brothers or his sons. There is alot of conflicting info on the family trees. So until we get proof, I'd take it "with a grain of salt" as they say.

Karen Norwillo
31-03-08, 18:18
The Naturalization papers arrived They don't give as much info as we hoped, but it does give some .

Otter Tail County Document #278. August Nyman, no middle name or initial was granted citizenship 21 June 1897. Witnesses were Henry Larson and J. Josephson. Says he renounces alliegiance to the Czar of Russia. It does say that he filed first papers in the circuit court of Marquette. August Jr was born in MI, so maybe that's the area to search.
A second paper that came with it states
Surname: Nyman
First Name: August
Spelling Variations: Neiman
State: MN
County: Otter Tail
Country of Origin: Finland
Birth Date: Nov 1860 o, don't know what that "o" means, but it does verify the 1900 census date given. The 12 Aug 1860 on Ancestry is incorrect.
Spouse Name: Kaisa
Names of Children: August, Anna, Arthur, Alma, Hi (name not finished, but this would be Hilma.) The rest weren't born yet in 1897.
Reel: #5, Vol. H, Code # 16, Page 278

Karen Norwillo
31-03-08, 19:34
There are 2 August Nyman's on the Marquette Naturalization list filing 1st papers, Declaration of Intent. I don't know which one is him. August Nyman V12, page 611 and V9, page 379. We could narrow it down if we had dates, as it had to be prior to 1889. Anna was born in MN in 1889. I'll PM you with the County Clerk info if you want to get this search. I did check under Neiman as it was given as an alternate spelling, no one. Karen

June Pelo
31-03-08, 22:18
Seeing Nyman and Neiman reminds me of an incident concerning my father. His cousin's name in Finland was Nyman and when they emigrated, they changed it to Newman. But my father always pronounced it the Swedish way and it sounded like Neiman. When we tried to pronounce it, it didn't sound like that and he would tell us we had to hold our tongue and lips a certain way in order to get the correct sound. We never mastered it, and usually had to break down and laugh when he'd correct us. :)

b hietala
01-04-08, 00:29
According to Becker County Courthouse documents, August was born 11/6/1860 and passed away 6/3/1913. Kaisa is listed as b. 4/30/1864 and d. 12/23/1939. I also have Hilda as b. 5/18/1906 rather than 5/19.

I was hoping the naturalization documents from Iron Range would show last residence in Finland. That's too bad. Karen, I'll forward copies of the information I have to your PM. I'll try to follow up on the Marquette info. Thanks

So, how is Nyman correctly pronounced? Would the y be pronounced like an "ew"?

June Pelo
01-04-08, 00:45
Americans couldn't pronounce Nyman the way it sounds in Finland, so they settled on Newman. I can't describe how it should sound - my father said I didn't hold my tongue and lips the correct way. It's a sound you make in the back of your throat. :(

There are other names that we mis-pronounced, too. My favorite is my cousin Birger - we always called him Burger but were told it should sound more like Bearrier. Another one is Wikberg, which we pronounced the way it looks: Wickberg. But we were told it should sound like Veekberry. :)

Karen Norwillo
01-04-08, 17:38
My uncle always said Nyman, like Nighman,long i, but I've heard it as Neeman, long e or Neighman, like a horse sound. Bruce, thank you for the wealth of info. Came through fine. Karen

Kaj Granlund
07-04-08, 17:53
Taron is indeed a strange name. To me it sounds like Tarvonen a farmname in Esse, Pedersöre and Purmo. But no idea