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June Pelo
29-11-07, 21:34
I'm helping someone in Finland who's looking for information about her grandfather. She copied this from Family Search. His name was Heikki Friis, but was copied down as Frus:

First Name: Heikki
Last Name: Frus *)
Etnicity: Finland, Finnish
Last Place of Residence: Haapajarei, Finland
Date of Arrival: March 10, 1909
Age of Arrival: 33 y, Gender: M, Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Oceanic
Port of Departure: Lieverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0001
ID Number: 101535050413
Bath Number: P00153-5

According to the shipping list he has gone to the brother in law Johan E Peterson San Francisco or his friend John Jaakkola, 1900 Hancock

*) In the shipping list his name is mentioned as Friis.

So he could be listed as Henrik Friis, Henrik Frus, Heikki Friis, etc. If anyone can find him anywhere, we'd appreciate it.


Karen Norwillo
30-11-07, 00:05
I saw the arrival on Ellis Island for Heikki. It says he has a wife Lydia Friis in Haapajarvi and that he's going to his brother-in-law Johan Petterson in San Francisco. I found a Johan and Edla Peterson in S.F in 1910 with a daughter Selma age 2. No sign of Heikki. I tried all variations of the name I could think of. Can we find out if he had a sister Edla? I checked MI in 1910 also in case he went to Hancock. Karen

June Pelo
30-11-07, 02:18
Thanks, Karen. I've sent you comments to Finland and hope she'll reply tomorrow.


June Pelo
30-11-07, 02:21
Thanks, Karen. I've sent your comments to Finland and hope she'll reply tomorrow.


June Pelo
30-11-07, 23:34

I just received this reply:

John E. Peterson's wife is Heikki Friis's sister Anna Friis by the name. I have census list 1910 and Heikki's name is not in that list. Heike's sister Anna immigrated to USA at beginning 1900 and she got married 1906 with Johan E. Peterson in San Francisco.

It can be so that Heikki was headed to the other place because of his trade.
I have heard the stories from my relatives that Heikki has been an active
man in Finland. He has been organizing the co-operation society in
Haapajärvi just before his immigrating.

A lot of my relatives (Friis) live in Washington district, but Heikki is unknown name to them. I have also asked for Heikki from my relatives (Friis,
Sullivan) who live in Massachusetts, but they don't know from him anything.

It seems that he has been in hiding because of his wife and his children in
Finland. It can be possible that he got remarried in the USA.