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June Pelo
30-11-07, 17:05
Check your eyesight here:

June ;)

01-12-07, 11:58
Hi June.

I took the test well aware that I'm color blind. I got the first figure right. The rest were totally meaningless. I couldn't even see the numbers that color blinds are supposed to see.

This handicap hasn't bothered me much over the years. I hate picking lingon berries, because I can't find them when people with normal sight see them from far. And It's useless to try to apply for a pilot's certificate.

But I have good night vision and luckily the traffic lights are of a shade where I can distinguish between red and green.

The red-green color blindness affect the perception of some other colors too. I remember from my primary school days that I was unable to tell green crayons of a certain shade from brown ones. My teacher (an old lady from the very old school) had little understanding of this and scolded me for drawing brown grass in my pictures.

The color vision is probably also related - apart from a hereditary defect in the eyes - to the surrounding light. I remember, when I was in my teens and checked out a similar color test in a magazine, that I saw the figures as a color blind was supposed to see them. Later in the evening when I looked at the test in the light from a kerosene lamp (we were at our summer cottage at that time) I saw the same figures as a person with normal vision would have seen them.

By the way, the test is useless for women, they reportedly can't be color blind, the just pass on the color blind genes to their sons.