View Full Version : Einer Swan song on youtube

02-12-07, 19:20

Maxine Sullivan - When Your Lover Has Gone, 1942 is the name of the video so a big surprise for me to stumble over it.


Karen Norwillo
02-12-07, 21:45
Thanks for posting it. On this miserable rainy, snowy day, it was a pleasure to listen to such beautiful music. Einar would be proud of her rendition. Karen

Jaska Sarell
02-12-07, 22:29
Thanks Chuck :D

Nice to hear music composed by a fourth cousin thrice removed (+ several other ways related).

:) Jaska

June Pelo
03-12-07, 16:15
I have Benny Goodman playing it in the 1920s. I think it has been sung by every major singer over the years. It's an mp3 file which I can't attach here, but if anyone would like to have it, send me your e-mail address.


June Pelo
03-12-07, 16:18

I forgot to mention that Einar was related to me as 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10 cousin, about 15 links.