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02-11-03, 18:39
Searching for above who was the father of Malin Sigfridsdr Laurila. In Liminka, Malin was found on Teppola No 7 farm in Rippikirjat 1775-1801. She was a maid on the farm 1775-1777 then she appears as the wife of Anders. As a maid, name is listed as Malin Sigfridsdr Laurila. Her date of birth is listed as February 01, 1751. She does not appear in the birth records for Liminka.

I also found a possible brother, Anders Sigfridsson Laurila, born February 24, 1756. Found Anders as a farmhand (Drg) on page 209, Farm Paskylš No 7, Wirckula and Strandby, Liminga 1775-1780.

I haven't been able to find Sigfrid in the Liminka records. On Talko, I noticed a Sigfrid Olofsson Laurila b.~1704 in Kalajoki and wondered if there might be a connection there. Later marriages of Sigfrid are listed in Talko but not earlier ones, if they existed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

June Pelo
02-11-03, 18:58

Don Swanson of Finngen has an Olof Sigfridsson Laurila, married to Sara Persdotter Arctophilacius and their daughter Kristina Laureus, b. 1660, was married to Johannes Wegelius. Sara's mother was Magdalena Sursill. I don't know if Don is on Finlander...
There is also a Don Laurila on Finngen. I don't know anything about his ancestors, but you can find his e-mail address in Finngen archives.


02-11-03, 19:17
Hi June,
Yes, I noticed Don's name (Swanson) as a reference in one of the files. I emailed Don Laurila a year or so ago and don't recall if he replied or not.

I saw in Talko there was a connection to Sursill and I know one of the Sursill children ended up in Liminka. That's why I'm wondering if the Laurilas I'm looking for are tied into the Sursill line.