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June Pelo
04-12-07, 20:01
Ann Josberger McFadden has indexed thousands of published obituaries for the Miami area. She has indexed obits from The Miami Herald, Miami News, South Dade News Leader and the Miami Times, and now has about 120 years' worth of records. She has also indexed local adoption, military and probate records and compiled a short history of local cemeteries. This all came about as a result of her search for her great-grandfather's obit. Her request for a copy of it was rejected because there was no index of obits and no one to do the research. Since then she has read tens of thousands of obits on microfiche and then catalogues each one by the deceased's last name, age, cemetery and date of death. And 27 years later, she's still working. She's a fixture at Miami's downtown Main Library where she completed a 4,000 page obit index and she expands it every year.