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05-12-07, 21:55
Hello Everyone!

My name is Ayla Hasso, I was born and brought up in London, England.My mother is Finnish and my father is Turkish. I was given the Turkish spelling of the Finnish name Aila but it is pronounced the same way :D .
I am very happy to be here. I have always been very interested in tracing my family roots but never really had a chance to start some research. After many years of trying here and there I am finally determined to find out where I come from!
I am trying to find anyone from my mother's side as she has lost touch with so many relatives over the years. One family went to the States in the 20's, I would love to find them and just anyone who is related to me in some way.
The surnames of my family are Holmlund, Harmiala, Brander, Paloheimo.
Some of the Branders changed to Paloheimo and my grandfather changed his Holmlund name to Harmiala too. Interestingly, none of his Holmlund siblings did the same as far as I am aware. I would love to find out what happened because this is the point that contact was lost in the 30's with my grandfather's family.
My searches seem to be focussed on Pori, Ulvila,Rauma and Luvia. This is where it seems both my grandparents were from.
Apologies for the long post! I just really wanted to say hello. :)

I look forward to learning lots and meeting lots of friends here. Many thanks to June for all your help so far and in getting me here!

Warm Wishes


June Pelo
05-12-07, 22:33

Welcome - glad you're onboard. If you know anything about the family that came to the US, post the info. and maybe someone can find something about them.

We used to have a member named Gwenda who lived in England - what happened to her? Haven't seen her postings lately...