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06-12-07, 09:50

Today on December 6th Finland celebrates its 90 years of independence - from Russia. At 18:00 this evening Finnish time you can see candles burining in every window!

Congratulations - Gratulationer -Onnentoivotuksia

Karen Douglas
06-12-07, 16:48
Happy 90th Anniversary to Finland! I wish I could see all the candles burning in the windows of homes there this evening. In honor of my heritage, I will light a candle here in my home this evening, as well, to commemorate this special day in Finland's history. :)

Karen Norwillo
06-12-07, 16:50
Happy Independence Day to everyone in Finland. I'll light a candle too for all my Finnish ancestors. Karen

06-12-07, 17:42
There is an article in Vasabladet newspaper today concerning finnish history from 1808 when Finland became a part of Russia until today when we celebrate the 90 year of independence.You can read that between 1865 and 1868 about 6% of Finlands population, over 116000 people died of hunger in Finland.Between 1870 and 1914 about 300000 people emigrated from Finland, most of them to North Amerika, 52% of the emigrants were from Vasa parish.About 30% of the emigrants returned back to Finland but over 200000 stayed in Amerika.
No wonder i have relatives all over the US

Jaska Sarell
06-12-07, 17:45
You can watch the Independence Day Party at:

Live broadcast starts at 18:50 Finnish time, doors are opened at 19:00.
About two hours of hand-shaking before the ball starts.
Windows Media Player required.

:) Jaska

06-12-07, 18:34
Hi Everyone!
My mother, Juanita Fräki, living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, has just called WCUP Eagle Radio in Baraga, and WCCY AM-FM Radio in Houghton, Michigan, and the radio stations are going to broadcast the 90 Year Independence of Finland from Russia. I'm sure all the Finns in the U.P. will light a candle in their windows to share in the celebration! :D Congratulations!!!

Best Regards,

06-12-07, 20:14
The story of Finland's independence is truly amazing--from political tensions and civil war to nation-building on a democratic base of Scandinavian traditions, the challenge of the extremes, the need to rebuild after warfare, the requirement of functioning as a small nation in a world of superpowers--all leading to mastery of mathematics and telecommunications. Our forefathers would have been astounded--and we are all happy that they persisted.
Congratulations! Heat up the saunas, light the candles! Leve Finland!