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06-12-07, 20:26
This is a repeat of my previous message under a new thread - title and in the Genealogy (ENG) forum. I could not get the title changed without this new thread. I was hoping that my family names in the title might help my search request. I apologize if this repeat is inappropriate.

In my first post I mentioned by grandparents - Juho Kortesoja (Nurmo), Amanda Nyrhilä (Lapua), Matti Järvenpää (Tiistenjoki), Gustava Saralampi Ainali (Himanka). Does anyone have links to these family lines? Should I add the previous generations to broaden the search?

Thank you - Eldon Oja from Thunder Bay, Canada

08-12-07, 20:49
A couple members have suggested that I add dates and a little more info. So I have posted details on my grandparents and great-grandparents.

Juho Kustaa (John August Oja in Canada) Juhonp. Kortesoja b. 21 January 1877 Village of Ruha, Nurmo Parish, Finland d. 23 February 1950 Canada

Juho's parents were Juho Kustaa (Johan Gustaf) Iisakinp. Kortesoja b. 09 March 1843 Lapua, Finland d. 26 September 1932 Lapua, Finland and Caisa Matint. Maijala b. 10 November 1843 Alavus, Finland d. 01 February 1918 Lapua, Finland

Amanda Amalia Aukustint. Nyrhilä b. 4 September 1880 Lapua, Finland d. 30 June 1968 Canada

Amanda's parents were August Heikinp. Nyrhilä b. 24 December 1852 Nyrhinen farm, Ruha village, Lapua Parish, Finland d. 12 March 1929 Lapua, Finland and Anna Tuomaant. Jouppi b. 24 December 1850 Seinäjoki, Finland d. 06 May 1893 Lapua, Finland

MATTI (Matt Jacobson in Canada) Jaakonp. Järvenpää b. 24 August 1878 Järvenpää farm, Haapakoski, Tiistenjoki / Lapua Parish, Finland d. 16 July 1935Canada

Matti's parents were Jaakko Matinp. Paavola Järvenpää b. 23 May 1854 Fossi farm, Haapakoski, Tiistenjoki / Lapua Parish, Finland d. 13 April 1917 Tiistenjoki / Lapua Parish, Finland

Kustaava (Gustava) Antint. Saralampi Ainali b. 28 May 1879 Himanka, Finland d. 15 December 1949 Canada

Kustaava's parents were Antti (Anders) Mikonp. Saranlampi Ainali b. 31 January 1838 Mutkalampi Village, Kannus, Finland d. 19 March 1907 Village of Cromwell, Carlton County, Minnesota, USA and Priita Helena (Brita Lena) Aapont. Pystö b. 09 July 1840 Kalajoki, Finland d. 17 February 1885 Himanka, Finland

15-03-08, 18:14
Is my great grandmother´s brother. I have made some research in Tiistenjoki, Lapua. Jaakko Matinpoika's family has lived in this area since 1550. There is a village called Paavola in Tiistenjoki.
Greetings :) ,
your new familymember Johanna, Tuusula, Finland

16-03-08, 16:57
Johanna: According to my records your great great grandparents
Jaakko (Jacob) Matinp. Paavola Järvenpää b. 23 May 1854 Tiistenjoki
Valpuri (Walborg) Sofia Kreetant. Järvenpää b. Nov 1852-Dec 1853 Tiistenjoki

Had 8 children:
Anna Maria 04 December 1875
Matt 24 August 1878
Kaisa Adolfina 06 June 1880
Sanna Sofia 24 August 1882
Kustaa Vihtori 26 December 1884
Amanta Aliina 19 October 1887
Lempi Amalia 23 September 1890
Tyyne Eedla 10 April 1897

Regards Eldon

17-03-08, 17:09
Johanna - I misread your link to the Paavola family. It is likely through Matti Erkinp. Paavola 25 February 1813 Tiistenjoki and Anna Esant. Marttila 05 September 1815 Lapua. They had 11 children.
Erkki 1837, Heikki 1839, Matti 1840, Juho 1842, Esa 1843, Juho 1845, Yrjö 1848, Maria 1849, Kustaa 1852, Jaakko 1854 (from my previous posting), and Kustaa 1856


17-03-08, 19:14
Yes that is correct. Maria 1949 and her husband Yrjö Kustaa Luhta 1841 are my great grandparents. You have more information about these families than I. Seems that my family tree is growing. Whoo!