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07-12-07, 17:09
I am searching my grandfather's line from Vaasa.
He was born in 1875 in or around Vaasa.
you must excuse me as well, as I don't remember how to do the extra letters of swedish/finnish.
his birth name was Karl Emil Sjoblom, parents;
Fredrik sjoblom born 1839 dod: 1913
Susanna Knuuttila 1842 dod: 1945
My swedish/finn ancestors all came from the general Vaasa, and the district of Ostrobothina.
any one who is working on this line or knows of others i would appreciate working with you.

Charley Blom
Taylorsville CA

June Pelo
08-12-07, 02:16

I found Fredrik and Susanna married in Storkyro 24 Aug 1866:

24.8.1866 Torkkola by Kakelungsmakare gesällen, ungk. Fredrik Sjöblom Bdd:r Sanna Mattsd:r Knuuttila Wendälä

I found a record of Susanna's birth also in Storkyro:

24.2.1847 25.2.1847 Wend. Knuutt. Bd. Matts Jakobsson Susanna Mattsd:r 26 Susanna

I didn't find a record of Fredrik's birth there.


09-12-07, 05:14
thanks for the note. i didn't have their wedding date. i did have susanna's birth day and parents information.
i have a family member in Finland who has done some research on the family, but most of what he wrote on the genealogy forms is in either Finnish or Swedish.
Fredrik, according to my information was born in Vaasa 19 Dec 1839 and chr 6 Jan 1840. His parents were : Johan Sjöblom dob:4 Oct 1800 in Bjorneborg, [spelling of which i am uncertain] and his wife; Kaisa Sofia (Catharina) Heicklin dob: 18 Sep 1804 in Russorby Korsholm [again spelling etc uncertain on my part]
I am looking forward to finding more information about my family, and hopefully to reconect with some who live in Finland.

June Pelo
09-12-07, 21:09

Here is Fredrik's birth record:

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

29.12.1839 6.1.1840 Kakelugnsmak. Johan Sjöblom Catharina Sophia 35 Fredric

As close as I can figure out - Johan Eric was a tile stove maker.
Fredrik's father was Johan Eric Jacobsson, b. 4 Oct 1800, Björneborg, to Jacob Qvanberg and Helena Linstrell - he was a shoemaker.

Johan Eric Jacobsson married Catharina (Kaisa Sofia) Israelsdotter Heicklin, b. 18 Sep 1804, Runsor, Korsholm. She was the daughter of seaman Israel Heicklin and (Anna) Maria Andersdotter Rundsten, b. 25 Apr 1794, Vasa, daughter of Anders Rundsten married 21 Jul 1793, Vasa to Maria Alander.

Fredrik married 20 Aug 1866 inStorkyro to Sanna Mattsdotter Knuuttila, b. 24 Feb 1847, Storkyrö, to crofter's son Matts Jakobsson Riddar from Kuivila, married 1 Nov 1839 to Susanna Mattsdotter Knuttila from Vendälä. HisKi records show Fredrik was born 29 Dec 1839 in Vasa. You show a birthdate of 19 Dec 1839.

Matts Jakobsson Riddar could be born 30 Aug 1811 at Riddar farm to torpare Jakob Jakobsson and Maria Mattsdotter.


10-12-07, 06:48
Thanks. I realized that my birth date for Fredrik was wrong. Before joining this forum I had just been to Hiski, and did a search of Fredrik's birth etc.
I had updated by genealogy file yet, and thus the wrong date.
Thanks for your helpful input

Charley Blom
searching: Sjöblom; Juthas, Ohls