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09-12-07, 02:21
Hello everyone!

Basically my problem is that after only 1 week into doing active research in tracing my family history, I find I am already snowed under reams of paper and a full folder on my desktop of information that I have gathered and has been given to me.

And this is only 1 line in my family, I have 3 to investigage :eek:
I am absolutely loving it but pleeeeease can any of you out there advise me on how I can keep everything organized so I don't get confused?

Should I be sticking to 1 name only and concentrate on that line or branch of the family tree before moving on to the next? I do find that I am jumping from 1 to the next......then I get lost and have to start all again!

Many thanks

Karen Norwillo
09-12-07, 04:06
Believe me, I can empathise with your situation. I started my genealogy searches about 7 years ago as, what was to be, a Christmas gift to my daughters. I did my maternal and paternal sides, as well as my husband's. I found that after these 7 years, I now have a file cabinet full, many notebooks full and a genealogy program on my computer with many thousands of names. I found that by keeping your info in separate folders or notebooks helps at least to keep them organized. I have one marked mother's family, father's family and husband's family. I have folders in my file cabinet by last names. I sent out letters to all my relatives asking for information as well as photos. I keep all their replies filed as well. If you're like most of us, you want to know everything, yesterday. The more you learn, the more you want to know. I'm "fleshing out" families all the time. I have several "brick walls" that I go back to every year. In the beginning of each New Year, I set goals for that year and work on them. I try not to enter anything into my genealogy program until I am as certain as possible that the info is accurate.. I get as much source documentation as possible. I have sent for birth, marriage and death certificates and keep them all in a notebook. It really helps to get yourself organized from the start. Hope this helps and welcome to Finlander. Karen

09-12-07, 14:14
Thank you so much Karen, you have given me some excellent tips!
Yes, I want to know it all yesterday :)) I have had the desire to do it for many years but never got anywhere because I didnt have much to go on, then suddenly, a week ago I decided to try again with my grandparents' names in another place and someone replied with some information on where to look!
I couldnt believe it.
That was HisKi, from there I found this forum which is fantastic, from here I have found somewhere called geneaology.com and through these places alone I am getting emails today from some lovely, helpful people who have information and who can tell me more places to look.

Now I have the bug I cannot stop. I am spending every spare minute on here now. My children and husband have to wait for their food, no cleaning is being done, my ironing pile is getting bigger and somewhere amongst all this I am also a teacher. I wish I could do this searching all the time. I am loving it!

It is so important for me to find these missing links. My family is very small and for years I was told that everyone had 'died'. But I have found this week that this is not the case so the next few years could be very interesting!

Sooo, my first step is to go to a stationary shop and buy some folders at least. :)
Many thanks again Karen!


Karen Norwillo
09-12-07, 18:58
How wonderful to visit Finland this time of year. I was there for the first time in 2004 and plan to return next year. Not sure when yet. My roots are in Vasa, Vörä, Oravais and Salla mostly. I will be visiting a cousin in Rovaniemi and then on to Stockholm, where my maternal grandfather was born, and then to Norway to visit a Finn cousin who lives near Oslo. Looks like you've got the genealogy fever. Karen

09-12-07, 21:20
:) Yes I definately have the fever, I wish I started years ago! I knew I would always do it one day, this day is it!

We are flying into Rovaniemi and my aunt in Helsinki phoned me to day and told me that there has been 50cm of snow in Luosto this weekend. Lovely!
We never get any snow here in London,my older daughter is so very excited!

I know Stockholm very well, my husband's family live in Solna, Ulriksdal. IN fact, he is flying back from there tonight. He had to go and visit his father who is ill. We go to Sweden every year to visit them, this is why I couldnt go to Finland for years. I also have family in Turkey form my father's side so I am always going there too.

But now, now is the time for Finland. I really really missed it. I can't wait for next summer, I hope to find lots of family by then.

So you have connections across the 3 countries, wow! It really is so fascinating and a very nice feeling to know that you belong somewhere!

I am always very proud to tell everyone that we make the best chocolate (Fazer), the best Winter Snow, we invented the Sauna and of course Santa comes from Finland! :)))
Oh, I mustnt forget Sami Hyypia, lovely Finn football player based here in England. :))))

09-12-07, 22:51
:) Yes I definately have the fever, I wish I started years ago! I knew I would always do it one day, this day is it!

I am always very proud to tell everyone that we make the best chocolate (Fazer), the best Winter Snow, we invented the Sauna and of course Santa comes from Finland! :)))
Oh, I mustnt forget Sami Hyypia, lovely Finn football player based here in England. :))))

Hi Ayla,

I just had to mention this, Sami Hyypiä married a member of our Holm family :)

Your friend looking into the Brander/Harmiala line


Lasse Holm

10-12-07, 03:10
In these days of computers there are great resources for keeping track of all your growing research files. a great program for organzing regular files, papers etc is clooz. which is an electronic filing cabinet for systematically organizing and storing genealogical records. www.clooz.com
it is especially helpful if you begin using it early on. i am currently working on adding all my paper files into Clooz, and wish i would have done it earlier.
have great fun learning about your family.

Charley Blom
Taylorsville, CA
Juthas/SjÖblom families.

10-12-07, 14:21
Thank you Charley, I will definately look into that site. Already in the last 24 hours I have printed another 50 pages :))

And Lasse, is that so really about Sami? :D
Well, well , well.....this is getting better every day! :)

I have found out that Finland's Minister of The Interior, Anne Holmlund, is my second cousin. We have the same great grand parents!!! Her father and my grandfather were brothers.

I look forward to focusing more on the Holmlunds/Harmialas very soon, once I sort through my Brander/Paloheimo/Vuorenheimo papers. ;)

Jaska Sarell
10-12-07, 18:39

I figure that one of your ancestor couples is:
Simon Carlsson Holmlund, b. 20 Jan 1837 in Esse, d. 8 Jun 1896 in Ulvila, and
Anna Sofia Henriksdotter Pasila, b. 9 Jul 1836 in Nykarleby, d. 5 May 1898 in Ulvila,
married on 20 Jun 1858 in Jakobstad.

Simon Holmlund was born at Hummelholm farm in Överesse village, and has plenty of common ancestors with other Finlander Forum members.
There's e.g. Stubb, Kanckos, Kiisk, Wärn from Esse; Sisbacka, Bonds from Purmo; Tarvonen, Timonen, Lillkåll, Klubb, Katt from Pedersöre; Hyytinen, Kankkonen from Lappajärvi.

Welcome to the community of relatives!

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
10-12-07, 22:31
I have every one of those surnames in my family. Mostly all through my grandmother Anna Lovisa Andersdotter Långsjö of Esse. So it may be that we are distantly related. How wonderful. Karen

Jaska Sarell
10-12-07, 22:49
Hi Karen,

Simon Holmlund's mother was Brita Simonsdotter Wärn b. 16 Jun 1802, half-sister of your ancestor Gustaf Simonsson Wärn :D

:) Jaska

11-12-07, 11:34
Oh my goodness, this is unbelievable! We are one big family aren't we!
It is very good news to hear this. I am stunned, gobsmacked, excited.....the list goes on. :))
I do remember seeing the Andersdotter name in my line somewhere and the Anna Lovisa is ringing big bells for me at the moment so how wonderful to hear of our connection!

11-12-07, 11:37
Jaska, I forgot to say thank you for the Simon Holmlund information. You have given me a good start there. I can only go back to my great grandparents on my Holmlund/Harmiala side, at the moment, because I have had so much information through for my Brander/Palheimo side which I am studying.
So this information that you gave me is great, I can start adding it to my grandfather's side. Many thanks!:)

30-12-07, 04:40
Jaska I need to resurrect this thread again if that's ok. I am starting now to look in to my grandfather's family, the Holmlunds. In your previous post you mention Simon Carlsson Holmlund etc. The thing is, I am having some difficulty finding links through HisKi. PLease can you advise?

My grandfather was Martti Veikko Holmlund later became Harmiala, now I have found him and his brothers and sisters on HisKi but I can't find any information on my great grandparents and then great grand parents etc.

I know that my great grandparents were called Johan Henrik Holmlund (also known as Juhan and Juho) and Amanda Katariina Stenfors b. 11.02.1867

But I cant find his birthdate or date of death, or place of birth or death. I think they were married on 02.12.1883 in Nakkila.

I would love to go back another generation and find Johan's parents etc.
Any ideas please for me? Many thanks for your help.

Jaska Sarell
30-12-07, 12:49
Hi Ayla,

Another researcher found that Johan Henrik Holmlund was born in Turku on 28 Nov 1862 to Simon Carlsson Holmlund and Anna Sofia. HisKi doesn't cover that year for Turku yet. He had searched Anne Holmlund's background - her grandfather was most probably Sulho Henrik Holmlund, b. 13 Mar 1887 in Ulvila.

I have no further knowledge of Anna Sofia Henriksdotter Pasila. Her parents Henrik Johansson Pasila and Anna Beata Mattsdotter Karf were married in Nykarleby on 3 Aug 1828. Talko database seems to have no information about them either.

I attach a chart of some of Simon Holmlund's ancestors that happen to be in my data. Among his ancestors shown in diagram is Christopher Mickelsson Klubb (also my ancestor), Hans Carlsson Bonds (also my ancestor) and Matts Christersson Tarvonen (my paternal ancestor's brother).

Happy 2008!

:) Jaska

30-12-07, 14:25
Hello Jaska,

Thank you very much for this information. Do you remember who this researcher is who looked into Anne Holmlund's family?
I would love to get in touch with him or her because I am Anne's second cousin. We have the same great grandparents.

I have written to her and she did write a very short message to say that she will send some information but that was a long time now and I havent heard anything. I have written a few times since but still nothing. I understand she has a very important job and she is so busy so I do not know how many times I can keep bothering her with my emails! :confused:

So, this is why I would like to find out as much as I can myself. If I still dont hear from her then I will see what I can find when I come to Finland in August. In the meantime, if I can contact this researcher then I can fill in some of his or her gaps and I know he or she can fill in lots of mine. :D

Many thanks again Jaska, happy new year to you and everyone too!


Minna C
05-05-09, 11:11
The family tree papers that I have (compiled decades ago by Aarne Saarilehto) suggest that Anna Sofia Henriksd. Paasila was born on 09.07.1836 in Nykarleby. She moved to Pietarsaari (Pedersöre?) on 30.08.1858 and died on 04.08.1898 in Ulvila.

Her parents were
Henrik Johans. Paasila b. 15.11.1806 d. 25.06.1865 and
Anna Beata Matintr (Mattsd.) Karf b 1805 d. 11.12.1856

Henrik Johans. Paasila's parents were:

Johan Thomasson Paasila b. 25.06.1767 Veteli
went missing during the 1809 war
Brita Andersd. Rundt b. 08.09.1770
moved to Pedersöre in 1824.
Apparently the couple had 6 children, but I have no further information.

Brita Andersd. Rundt's parents were:

Anders Matts. Rundt b. 1749 Kovjoki (or Koujoki?)
moved to Uunsala in 1787
Sofia Eriksd. b. 1750 Pedersöre.

Does this help?

Minna C
05-05-09, 11:52
The family tree information I have received suggests that Brita Mickelsdotter's surname was Lilkrokvik, and she was born on 20.03.1757 in Kronoby. d. 25.10.1826.

Also, another post on the site (can't remember where) mentions Margareta Mattsd. Sudd b. 24.02.1727 and suggests parents as: Matts Hansson from Sääksjärvi and Brita Johansd. from Strang Farm. They married on 30.10.1725.

Is this possible?



05-05-09, 16:17
We have so many things to talk about Minna, oh why can't you be in London now! This would have been perfect! We have lots of data to compare. Check your pm.
(I still need to calm down) :D

June Pelo
05-05-09, 19:04
I have data about this Paasiala family in my database, and there is also some data in the Caino-Torp book. And you can probably trace most of the people you mentioned through HisKi.

My records show that Johan Thomasson Paasiala, was born 21 June 1767 in Nedervetil to Thomas Mattsson Paasiala, b. 26 Jan 1734, Nedervetil, married 14 Jun 1758 to Lisa Mattsdotter Simonsbacka, b. 12 Jul 1736, Nedervetil. They had 5 children. Thomas Mattsson's father Matts came from Perho and his mother Brita was from Vetil - they had 8 children who had large families.

05-05-09, 23:07

Is Anders Mattsson Pirttiniemi- PAASIALA: born on 9 Oct 1776 in Nedervetil, Finland; married on 7 Oct 1794 in Nedervetil, Finland; died on 27 Sep 1814 any part of this same family?

June Pelo
06-05-09, 01:12
No, I don't find any connection, and when I asked my computer to calculate a relationship it told me there wasn't one.

06-05-09, 01:49
Thanks June!

Minna C
06-05-09, 14:21
Thanks June! This helps push the family back another generation or too. Now, as I'm new to this research, do you have any information/pointers about HisKi and where can I gat hold of the Caino Torp book?

June Pelo
06-05-09, 21:35

The Caino-Torp book was published and sold in Finland a few years ago. I think some libraries may have a copy of it. GSF (The Genealogical Society of Finland) also sells the book. Their home page is http://www.genealogia.fi I notice at the top of the page is Library - perhaps it tells how to order the book. I don't read Finnish, so I have no idea what is on that page. Maybe someone who is familiar with ordering books from GSF can tell you more. The Caino-Torp book includes the origins and descendants of the two families up to 1800.

GSF also has HisKi, which you'll notice at the top of their home page. When you open it, click on History Books and then find the parish you want. Don't fill in all the blanks on the form - I have discovered it's best to just put in first names, patronymic and a year and you'll get a selection of data from which to choose. You'll have to experiment with it - it's difficult to explain by mail. But if you have problems, just ask questions.