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June Pelo
11-12-07, 01:44
I have a strange situation that just happened when I try to type umlauts in mail on the Forum. I never had the problem before, and it only happens when typing the Scandinavian characters (I can't even demonstrate them here because I get kicked off the page when I try). I can type e-mail OK - the problem arises when I access Finlander and try to type queries or answer queries. Does anyone have any ideas what has happened? I've been answering Finlander mail for many years and never had this problem. I'm still using the same computer and the same software. No one has any idea what is wrong, nor how to fix it. I thought that if I changed the combination of numbers used for the umlauts, the problem would be solved. But, even using a different combination of numbers doesn't make any difference. As soon as I hit the numbers, the page disappears and I'm put back to the Finlander home page. :(


11-12-07, 11:39
I wish I could help June but when things start getting technical it goes waaaaaaaaay over my head. If I can get hold of my brother today I will ask him for some ideas, he knows a bit about these things I think :D

Good luck, hopefully someone will come along and help soon.


Jaska Sarell
11-12-07, 11:45
Hi June,

I assume that you use Alt key combinations to produce Scandinavian characters.
Testing with Mozilla Firefox and Win2000.

Windows set
Alt-134 () --- goes back one page after 1 3 4
Alt-143 () --- goes back one page after 1 4
Alt-132 () --- prints
Alt-142 () --- goes back one page after 1 4
Alt-148 () --- goes back one page after 1 4
Alt-153 () --- prints
Unicode set
Alt-0229 () --- prints
Alt-0197 () --- goes to browser home page after 0 1 9 7
Alt-0228 () --- prints
Alt-0196 () --- goes to browser home page after 0 1 9 6
Alt-0246 () --- goes back one page after 0 2 4
Alt-0214 () --- goes back one page after 0 2 1 4

It seems that whatever you've pressed before,
with Alt-4 browser goes back one page
with Alt-6 browser jumps to home page
with Alt-7 browser jumps to home page

The problem does not seem to be browser dependent since old Mozilla 1.7.1 seems to do the same, as well as Opera 7.54. IE5 simply doesn't let me log in, but who cares :cool:

Without any previous experience of using Alt key combinations, I don't know what change and where has made them unusable. Another forum software (phpbb) seems to have similar problems with Alt-4.

Possible solutions:
1. Interchangeable En & Fi/Sw keyboard layout - you'll have difficulties with different position of many punctuations
2. Finnish/Swedish keyboard - similar, though viewable positioning
3. Copy & paste from Character Map or external text editor - clumsy method

:confused: Jaska

11-12-07, 13:50
Hi June,
The same thing has happened to me and I was too embarrassed to ask for help! :o It happens only once in awhile on this site, and then I can type them again... :confused:

Best Regards,

Karen Norwillo
11-12-07, 16:46
June, I just tried it, too, and it won't work. You're right, never had this problem before. Hasse???? Any thoughts? Karen

June Pelo
12-12-07, 00:06

Yes, I've tried both Alt combination of numbers you quoted and the page jumps back. It's frustrating and I have no idea why it happened. One minute I was able to type umlauts and Bingo! a few minutes later, I was having the problem. I hate to type mail without the correct use of umlauts, but it looks like I'll have to type words without umlauts. I use Thunderbird and it has never had a problem before. :(


June Pelo
12-12-07, 18:18
Hurrah! I think my problem is solved. Somehow the Num Lock light was shut off but now that it's on, I'm able to type umlauts: ä Ä å Å Ö ö, etc. So make sure the Num Lock light is lit on the keypad at the right of your keyboard. A friend found the problem for me.. :)


Karen Norwillo
12-12-07, 18:47
,,,,,. Hey, it works now. My light was on before and it still didn't work. It does now. Whoopee. Karen

Jaska Sarell
12-12-07, 19:43
That's great, June!

That explains my findings without Num Lock on:
Alt-4 meant Alt-Back (goes back one page)
Alt-7 meant Alt-Home (goes to home page)
Alt-6 meant Alt-Forward (goes forward one page, if you've been in any - I had been on home page after Alt-7)

I usually have Num Lock switched off. Reminiscence from times when keyboards didn't have separate arrow key field, which I've never learned to use :rolleyes:
My Num Lock is on only when filling in bill details for bank transfer, or playing online sudoku :p

Most things tend to have sensible explanation - glad you found one here!

:) Jaska

June Pelo
13-12-07, 02:00

I should have known a "computer nerd" like you would figure it out :) Anyway, I'm happy that my computer is back to normal.


Jaska Sarell
13-12-07, 12:37

The how is more important than the why. Points to you in this matter ;)
Though I hope the why makes it easier to remember the how.

:) Jaska

13-12-07, 14:18
This discussion on UMLAUTS is getting so much attention that my husband Fred wants to get in on it. He said he'll have his umlaut with onion, green pepper, and ham! :D

By the way, now I remember that it had something to do with the number lock; but didn't know about the "how" and the "why"...


June Pelo
13-12-07, 19:06
Groans to Jaska, Fred and Denise. ;)