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11-12-07, 12:43
I wasn't sure where to post this but I just had to share something because I am....well, quite excited. Every day I am finding out new things about my family which is fantastic. From being told as a child that everyone had 'gone', I am finding cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins even down to 9th!
To find some living blood relatives is just so lovely.

Anyway, a week or so ago I sent the same letter to 3 Pentti Heikkiläs in the USA, the addresses I found on Lostpeople.com or something like that. I knew it was a long shot because I knew that he was about 80 or so and I also had no idea where he went in the States. My mum was born after he left so he wouldnt have known my mum.

Anyway, he got my letter and I had an email from him today! Bless him. He is 81 years old and my mother's cousin. Wonderful. I hopefully can now get some more info to fill in my family tree which is growing at an unbelievable rate!

So, as well as Holmlund/Harmiala/Brander/Paloheimo I can now add Heikkilä to the list. I knew we had Heikkilä, I just didn't know how. Lovely to fill in another piece of the puzzle!

Thank you for listening, sorry for going on!


11-12-07, 13:25
That's great news!