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11-12-07, 20:44
Just a quickie for now (so make the most of it as I can usually talk for England :) )

Are the surnames Heikkilä and Kallio considered to be the same?

Many thanks.


June Pelo
12-12-07, 00:12

I don't think they're the same. I have lots of both names, and I think they may be fairly common names that appear in many places in Finland.


12-12-07, 10:06
Thanks June. I was just wondering because everytime I do a search using HisKi and type in Heikkilä, then at the top where they write other spellings of the name, Kallio is always there. So it got me a little confused. :confused:

12-12-07, 10:35
"Heikkilä" derives from the given name Heikki/Henrik, ie. "Heikki's homestead". "Kallio" is on the other hand a surname with links to the nature. "Kallio" as a quick and dirty translation is rock or hill of solid rock.

12-12-07, 12:57
Thank you Hasse.
I am learning more and more each day about doing the searches using HisKi. It seems that the less info I put in the better, most of the time it doesnt like it when I put in both names or names of both people etc. Kallio keeps coming up with lots of other middle names so I'm never sure which ones to type in and which to leave out.

Jaska Sarell
12-12-07, 16:35
could you tell us in which parish you get confusing results of Heikkilä and Kallio? For what kind of search criteria?
There must be some perfectly sensible explanation for what you tell :cool:

:) Jaska

13-12-07, 18:48
Jaska, I got confused with the Heikkilä/Kallio thing because when I searched for the children of Ida Vilhelmina and Frans Henrik Heikkilä in Merikarvia the results came up fine but at the top where it shows Mother's Name and Father's name etc there you see Heikkilä/Kallio.

This prompted me to ask if these names were considered to be the same. (I'm not sure what that bit up there is for, is it to show the variations of the names in the search?)

Many thanks!


Jaska Sarell
13-12-07, 19:52
Now I see what line you mean. That line lists all the names that match the search criteria, in this case father's surname Heikkilä. There happens to be one record for someone once named as Salomon Heikkilä/Kallio. You don't have to care about that, only the actual results you get.

BTW. It's always better to enter as little information in the search fields as possible. E.g. in older times you could omit surname completely, the patronymic is often more useful, if known.
As the writing of the name was rather dependent on scribe, you may also try to use wildcards. Entering only a few first letters of the name often matches with other writing forms. E.g. hei only will list also Heickilä, which is the same as Heikkilä.

:) Jaska

13-12-07, 20:44
I see, I never thought of only typing the first few letters, good advice there, thank you!

One more thing if I may, what does 'patronymic' mean? What sort of names would go here?
Many thanks

Jaska Sarell
13-12-07, 21:38
That's the name derived from father's first name. As the records before about 1880 were kept in Swedish even in Finnish speaking parishes, I'll give examples of Swedish usage, as it's also easier (son=son, dotter=daughter) - add genitive s unless father's name already ends with s.
Father: Anders Eriksson, children: Erik Andersson, Anna Andersdotter etc.
Father: Erik Johansson, children: Matts Eriksson, Elisabet Eriksdotter etc.
In rural areas you can add the name of the farm or village to limit the possible matches, if otherwise too many results.
In case of single mother, also matronymic was used, like Thomas Mariasson.

In HisKi you may enter only the father's first name, not the endings. As there were not so many different names used in old times, often two or three first letters is enough for first names anywhere in HisKi search. Also different spellings of the first names is usually taken care of automatically, but not in other names.

:) Jaska