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13-12-07, 17:20

My name is Michael Carlberg - I'm new in this forum.

My grandfather's aunt, Anna Greta Mårtensdotter West, born January 28, 1861in Oravais, emigrated to Australia - unfortunately, I don't know what year or to what city she moved. There are indications that she might have married someone called Larsen before leaving the country, but I don't know that for sure. Is it possible for anyone to help me with this?

Thank you in advance,


June Pelo
13-12-07, 20:13

Are you interested in data about the parents of Anna Greta and Brita Lisa? That information is available on Talko. We have one or two members in Australia - perhaps they can help find Anna Greta. Anna and Brita were 2 of 10 children born in Finland to Mårten Mårtensson Backa-Wäst and Anna Greta Michelsdotter Bertils.

Welcome to Finlander. Hope someone can help you find your relatives.


14-12-07, 01:14
Hi June,

Thank you for the information and for welcoming me here. As for Anna Greta and Brita Lisa, I already have information about the parents and their 10 children, so I'm more interested in knowing about what happend to them after leaving Finland. But thank you for letting me know about Talko - perhaps I send my GEDCOM there to join!

It seems someone in another forum (Ancestry) now has sent me some information about Anna Greta, so perhaps there is hope to find relatives living there now! :)